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Player name(s): Darkkiryll and Lindalher

Player rank: Overseer x2

Private or Public: Public; open for applications

Location name: Eastfold

Lore: Eastfold - Regional Document - Google Docs

Overhead plan:

Open Projects:

Section 1:

  • Village 1
  • Village 2
  • Hamlet 1
  • Homestead 1
  • Homestead 2
  • Homestead 3
  • Homestead 4
  • Homestead 5
  • Lumber Camp 1

Section 2:

  • Hamlet 2
  • Hamlet 3
  • Homesteads 6-15

Unopened Projects:

Section 3:

  • Village 4
  • Hamlet 6
  • Hamlet 7
  • Hamlet 8
  • Homesteads 20-25

Section 4:

  • Town
  • Village 3
  • Hamlet 4
  • Hamlet 5
  • Homesteads 16-19
  • Lumber Camp 2

Estimated population: 2060, divided into 25 homesteads, 8 hamlets, 4 villages, a town, and 2 lumber camps

In-game guide: As stated in the Regional Document above, the style will be practically identical to the Folde, so the existing Rohan guide can be used. The only major difference is the prevalence of stone foundations when buildings are on sloped terrain.

Terrain: Some terraforming around each settlement, but that comes down to individual project leaders.

Reference Imagery:




All projects in Section 1 are now open for application


Can I just suggest this region having far fewer fortifications around each and every village/hamlet/farmstead. Whilst the rings of grass mound walls, moats, palisades and huge hedges can look cool, I think its unnecessary when there are far larger and better fortified settlements like Aldburg nearby which people would flee to. Imo having entirely unfortified settlements is completely fine and the extent of defences here should predominantly be to keep wild animals out and only occasionally be enough to deter bandits.
(obvs if there’s lore to suggest this isn’t the case then go all out but there’s nothing of this mentioned in the planning document thus far)


All projects in Section 2 are now open for application! Be sure to consult the regional document for information on professions