Eastfold Homestead 5

Player name(s): laalaa and fruit

Player rank: Builder+ x2

Private or Public: Private

Location name: EFH5

Lore: See https://forums.ardacraft.me/t/eastfold/2440

Overhead plan:

Includes 2 houses, (one top left: ~12 beds), (one to the right: ~10 beds), a grubenhaus (in between houses), A stable (mid bottom), allotments (left of first house) and a tanner/leatherworker (left corner)

Estimated population: ~22 beds

Terrain: Only minor edits to fit the houses into the terrain a bit better, but nothing special

Reference Imagery: [Eastfold]


Since you plan to have leatherworking, it would make sense to have a cattle barn rather than a horse stables. Other than that, it looks good to me. barn could be slightly larger perhaps. if you change that, you’re approved to start.


Took us longer than I had hoped for but it’s done.


Indeed it is! Nice work!

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