Player names: Sunwing

Player rank: Builder+

Location: Eastfold Village 2, /warp efv2

Private or Public: Public

Timeframe: approx. 1 month

Lore: See Eastfold thread

Overhead plan:

Firstly, the houses may look a bit small, but given the size of the site, they are, in fact, acceptable sizes. An average of 7 beds per house gives a population total of 154, in line with the guidance. This does not include any potential garrison at the hill fort. Total population 165 at final count.

The central hill is crying out for some sort of fortification, that the village has grown around. I think it likely to have been a Gondorian watchtower, with a small ringwall offering a little more protection as it’s more out of the way than the one at EFV1. However, given the proximity of Aldburg as a fortified town, in times of needs I think the villagers would retreat there, rather than this watchtower, so it would be quite rundown, and rather overgrown. Still garrisoned by a few soldiers, but only a small section of the fort would actually be in use.

Brown rectangles are lower class, orange middle class. There’s no upper class here, because why would they want to live in a random village in the middle of nowhere?

Red are bakehouses. There aren’t many, I know, but the one to the bottom left will house two, maybe three ovens to account for this. I think the discussion’s been had that not every house needs one.

Blue are professions buildings, a smithy and woodworker, to be precise. Unknown as yet which plot is which, and may upgrade their houses to middle class given the extra prestige and money that would come from a profession building.

Light green signifies allotments, and there is a large area to the south of the village between the fields that’s flat enough to have a communal allotment like the ones in Turfaham and Faraholt. The central hill is too steep for personal allotments, and I’d like to keep that bare to emphasise the overgrown tower.

I’ve highlighted the purple area because, after mapping out all the buildings, I went back and looked at the site, and decided it’d be better use of the existing terrain to have the road follow the field boundary, and shift those houses to the south of it, along the bottom of the hill. Depending how it looks when I do the plan on the map, the neighbouring middle class house with bakehouse may also be shifted south.

In-game guide : /warp rohanguide

Reference Imagery: Let’s face it, you’re bored of looking at Anglo-Saxon art. You know what it’s going to look like.


Updated layout, bit messy but I’ve already put the glass outlines up.

Anyway, allotments have moved to that big empty area on the right, added a couple more profession buildings and an alehouse, and a couple of livestock barns bordering the pastures to the north.


Looks good, approved to start


Needs final approval from Dark and Lind, but I’d say we’re done with this.

Final population count: 165

Named Cempareste, meaning Warrior’s Rest, on account of the added gravemounds on the western side of the hill.


Great job Sun, project approved. Final name settled on: Cemparest. Cropfields/Pastures will be done at a later stage.