Eastfold Homestead 6

Player names: Guanyu_, Soap887

Player rank: Overseer, Builder+

Private or Public: Private

Lore: See Eastfold thread

Overhead plan:

LIGHT STUCCO: main buildings
GREY STUCCO: barns/workshops
DARK STUCCO: grubenhouses/sheds

Professions and production: Goats, cheese

Population: 20-25

In-Game Guide: /warp foldeguide

Terrain: Only minor terraforming around the buildings.

Reference Imagery: Should be fine.


Looks good! Go right ahead


I think this is done now, feel free to come and check on it.


The use of wooden walls to wall off the hill seems a bit excessive, especially at the paths. Also the pathing gradient of the smaller paths could be a bit better (less normal brown dirt). Other than that it looks good so if you fix that, it will be approved.

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