Eastfold Hamlet 1

Player names: Olaf16

Player rank: Builder+/landscaper

Location: Eastfold Hamlet 1

Private or Public: Public

Timeframe: 2 months add most

population Cattle barns+ (two) low class 11 and 8
Horse barn (one) is from the leading family middle class 7
Barn for storage (winter food fort the horses/cows)
Skinner home (is a poor man who helps the butcher to remove the skin and bring them to the tanner) low class 9
Currier home (finish off the leather skin bye coulring and drying them) middle class 8
Tanner home (makes the skin in exactly leather) low class 12
Butcher middle class 10
alehouse middle class 6
total 71
if it is too much I could remove the ale house or the skinner house

Lore: See Eastfold thread there are also a few more profecion for leather/tanning, towards the little stream there will also be a few pits for the tanning.

Overhead plan :

probally will change it a bit to make it look good in the terrain.

im sorry for writing misstakes :slight_smile: :grin:


Hi Olaf, thanks for your application. Your list of buildings looks good, but I would ask that you look to cluster them a bit more so it basically looks like interconnected homesteads


better planning
and i forgot to mention that the skinner house is removed so now they are 62 peeps
and a a big thanks to rob for helping :grin:


think you need to look at some Anglo Saxon settlement layouts a bit more and base your layout more off that. Focus on where the main road is, where the traffic would come through and build from that. Don’t be afraid to move the road to suit you either, as long as it reaches where it’s meant to be going. I would also encourage moving the field boundaries about a bit to suit your layout.



think it is done :slight_smile: