Project Title: Eastfold Village4

Player name(s): ElderLichDm ZachSmith

Player rank: Builder+, Builder

Private or Public: Public

Timeframe: approx. 2-3 months

Lore: See Eastfold thread

Overhead map:

Blue = special buildings and professions
Red = stables for the horses there is 4 due to this village being main export of horses
Yellow = Houses farmers/shepards
black = granaries, gruben houses
Gray = tool shed, bake house other form of storage
Green= hedges/walls

Professions and production: Woodcutter, butcher, dyer, leatherworker/tanner, brewery and alehouse, weaver, blacksmith. This village is the main export of horses to gondor so there will be a horse merchant house and central trade market area

Population: 180-200 approximate

In-game guide : /warp rohanguide

Reference Imagery: we should all know what anglo-saxon art looks like by now thus you should know what its gonna look like


So a bit of lore you’ve missed here is that the Firien Wood was sacred and no trees were cut there. Therefore these people would need a source of wood from elsewhere - pollards along the road or in the fields maybe, or a managed woodland to the NE.


Thank you Fornad


Updated version of the village. This is also the current version that is on the main map as well


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