Beorning Settlements [Guide]

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Roads have been completed. Which is a great milestone. The next huge milestone is farmland. If you want to help out with that shoot me a pm!


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Apologies for the hiatus with posting on this thread. Here’s a small update of what is going on with Beorning stuff. Burh 1, 2 and 3 are either being worked on or done. No villages are available, and there is only 2 homesteads left to be built. I added another homestead (Homestead 6) Which you can see on the dynamic map. Specific styles for these homesteads can be told through a pm with me. Right now there are many projects going on through the Beorning stuff. We need to start getting these done. Homestead 1 under @EmeraldDrake, Iron Village under @Whickery_Dickens, Village 1 under @orrangejuice, Homestead 3 under @Natanyagrad, and Village 2 under @Chingom . We need to get these villages/homesteads finished guys! As for Eaglz and I, he has finished Homestead 4 and together we have almost finished Old Ford. Few touch ups here and there for Old Ford will get it done. Taking a break from it however we took it upon ourselves to work on Burh3 which is making good progress. Our next course of action will be completing the farmland for Homestead 5, Old Ford, Village 1, and Burh3. That should be it and hopefully this clears things up and gives a more clear definition of a plan for the people who were wondering!


small correction. Homestead 5 is Cenric’s and was completed a while back.


My bad. I meant homestead 1. Thank you!



Reminder (mentioned on YT vid) that we should have some Homesteads or individual houses in Burhs scaled up for direct descendants of Beorn. Make their presence known!


True, good idea! Few homesteads left that we can definitely make their presence noticeable!


Can also save some for any homesteads that maybe north of what map we currently have. Especially since Beorns house itself will be north.


Just to add a bit - it may be a bit out of place but anyways - the beornings, if they are anything like Beorn, should shy away from eating meat and eat ‘honey and clotted cream,’ as that was what was mentioned in The Hobbit. If its already been mentioned, sorry.


Beorn did yes and I’m sure that a few other Beornings would follow suit. But the vast majority of Beornings are made up of men that lived in the area and rallied to his cause. Therefore, there is no reason to suggest that they would have been vegetarians before and no reason to suggest that they are now either.


Ah, ok. I wasn’t aware of the men who had lived in the area as well. My bad


Something came to my mind the other day. I think it would make sense to have a bridge on the Old Ford.

We know there once was a stone bridge there, built by the Dwarves for their road in their glory days, but by the time The Hobbit events take place, there was nothing left of it.
However, at the time the server is set, the road is once again open, as the Misty Mountains passes are now held by the Beornings and the local Orcs have been cleaned, and it would make sense that it’s once again the main trade route between Northern Eriador and Northern Rhovanion and the Vale of Anduin; especially between the Dwarves of Erebor and those of the Misty Mountains.
Furthermore, there is now a Beorning burh located on both side of the river, and they would be making good use of a bridge, as it would be rather annoying to wet yourself everytime you’re visiting a neighbor.

For all those reasons, I think it would make sense that the Beornings would have built a new bridge. A wooden one, probably, similar to the one that can be found in the island burh. Maybe it could be in construction, for the sake of variation.


Building a bridge over a river that wide is actually a very difficult feat. You have to remember scale - the river would be quite a lot wider than we have it on the server.

I don’t think the Beornings would have the ability to create a bridge of that size.


But we know for a fact it’s very shallow and at last relatively calm here, otherwise it wouldn’t be a ford … It actually would make it easy to repair even if a flood damaged it.


If there’s a good ford there, I don’t see why they’d build a bridge unless the settlement was much larger. It’s still a huge project despite the shallowness of the river.


How large do you envision the river at this point? Because the Rhône at Avignon would seem too large to justify a Beorining bridge, even at a ford, yes - the two sides would actually be considered like separate villages, but I really don’t see it that large, even at scale. But that’s perhaps because of the very shallow Anduin on the server.

Is there a reason you made it like that actually, while some less importants rivers in Eriador are deeper?


The Anduin is about 150 miles from its source in the Grey Mountains at the Old Ford - comparable to the Rhône in Lyon. This would make the river about 200 metres across.

I’ve kept the Anduin shallow because it’s in a wide alluvial plain and would flood quite regularly.