Burneburg/burh3 is open and ready to be worked on. Anyone is free to work on a house on the first level. We’ll work on each level at a time while we test things out. Just claim a house with your name etc you know the drill.

Here’s the house guide for you, works better than an in-game one imo. Make sure you read it before you start building.

Have fun my beautiful autists.


Psst… @eag_inc, the link you sent is to a private file!


@eag_inc @MicahVanderman You need to up the populations within your villages, there should realistically be no houses with only two people living in them, ideally 3 would be the smallest amount, with numbers more realistically being 4/5 inhabitants of each house- use bunk beds ect if you need to maximise space usage.


Seems alright to me. I would agree.

Something I’ve noticed not just in burgh 3 but in a few others is the number of trees that are still growing within the walls and confines. Now i’m not an historian but I do know that forest clearance and deforestation was widespread throughout early to medieval civilisations’ history. Do you think that these Beornings would spare the trees that are closest to their homes when wood is their primary construction and fuel resource? I understand that trees improve the aesthetics somewhat but it seems like you’ve gone a bit too far in a number of places like, for example, the trees right next to gatehouse in burgh 3. Not only would this obscure the view from the tower but also serves as a convenient shelter for attackers and maybe even a way to climb over the walls.


A couple saplings or hedges grown for aesthetic purposes seem like theyd be fine. It’s just a large amount of trees as well as larger trees that seem totally out of place imo.


The town outside the burh is done for the most part other than some small finishing touches that will be covered towards the end of the project.

The next step is to move back onto doing the actual burh itself. The houses and their respective farms/gardens will be redone for the most part in an effort to reach a higher standard like we’ve done for the town. The notable changes we’re hoping to achieve is to get a cleaner and less messy style for the gardens/allotments, this will include slightly changing the terrain inside the walls to be more flat. Also after experimenting with how the houses and their respective allotments are layed out inside the walls it’s clear that having minimal houses will force us to have excessive amounts of gardens and allotments, which didn’t turn out particularly well; due to this we’ll be adding a fair few more houses to counter that, in return this will also hopefully add a more vibrant and immersive vibe as well.

Builders and apprentices can expect new plots to pop up in the coming days. Thanks so far for the help on the town, i’d say it turned out hot as fuck.


So progress in Burneburg has been fairly slow as of late, for a number of reasons. As most of you know i’m currently in Dubai to do some intern work which obviously is limiting the amount of time I can spend on the server, on top of that I’ve been struck with an autisticly bad fever most likely from the depths of hell itself. Hopefully I can get back to work on the burh in the coming 1-2 weeks, until then hang tight buckeroos.


All done, some minor shit like vegetation here and there will have to be done whenever WE is back. Has been checked by an Overseer as well.

10/10 leaving micah to do the rest lol cya


Burneburg looks good to me. Vegetation will be done. Accepted