Homestead 1


Player Name: EmeraldDrake

Player Rank: Builder

Public or Private: Private

Location Name: Homestead 1

Lore: See info Glov provided

Overhead Plan:

Concepts: Mostly inspired by Burh1’s style, but a bit less dark. See images below:



More inspiration on these links.

Beorning Settlements [Guide]
Beorning Settlements [Guide]


Although it might be cool to add some bee hives in the trees within the forest.


Accepted, go for it.


Considering its proximity to beorgburh, what would homestead1’s farms be like?


They’d maintain birch coppices in the woods next to them for firewood. They’d also have allotments for fresh vegetables/herbs, and I guess their main efforts would be in livestock farming. Check the farms guide for more detail.


This homestead looks done to me. I removed some markers for trees and only three pastures south of Beorgburh remain.