Cenric's Homestead

Player name: Chevythecat

Player rank: Builder +

Private or Public: Private

Location name: Homestead 5

Lore: Have a look at Glov’s post

Overhead plan: Homestead surrounded by hedges (for defense and wind) consisting of a smokehouse, small shed, area for crops, and a barn for cattle and pigs. These ideas can be found in the lore that Glov provided. Cattle would free range on the hill area. The lore also mentioned fields of flowers (bee farms). If that is appropriate for the area i would include fields of flowers as well.

Concepts: Similar to Glov’s example of the thatch-roof house

You may want to redo that layout

Are the elements incorrect or just placement/ layout? The lore mentions a homestead surrounded by hedges. So do you mean it is a poor design or everything is wrong? Ty

Or could @Glov help me with the layout?

It’s just poorly done. Use a dynmap screenshot, make sure everything is a realistic size.

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ahhh gotcha thanks

I like the idea of the layout. Rather like Beorn’s. I’d just add some trees near and around it so the hedge isn’t so jarring in the middle of a field.

Accepted on the condition that you lay things out in game and let me check before building.
Feel free to lay things out in wool on location. @Chevy_the_cat



1 glov’s modification of my new layout
2 the new layout based on that
3 two different ideas for a smoke house
4 barn inspiration


You can start building. Try to fill in your negative space with other details too.


@Glov when you get a moment, can you please look over homestead5? Im at about 80%+ complete and if you want me to make changes I’d like to get those done. Thank you, sir.

  • Namely the Barn exterior needs work. The roof is a bit odd atm and the facades on either end are too rough.
    Reference buildings in Lindon or even Dale for good examples of diagonals.
  • Personally id avoid using layers for pathways. I’d just use slabs, they’re easier and tend to look less chaotic.
  • Redo the fence around the chicken coop/pig pen in the back. Atm it’s all very boxy. I’d use wattle as well instead of actual fences.
  • Id include some small paths leading to each beehive.
  • Obviously you aren’t finished and things are WIP, but try to fill in your negative space with more details, even if theyre just little bushes and flower beds.
  • Make the front gate a little taller.
  • Try to curve the retaining gate in front of the entrance more. I did an example in wool.
  • Add some crop fields (relatively small) outside the homestead. There’s a calculation as to how many acres feeds a given number of people. Anyone want to explain that for me?

All in all looking pretty good but there are some things that need some work. Keep at it, and don’t be afraid to ask others for advice or for help if they’re free, it’s your project but others can help if you so choose.


great feedback. thanks!

If anyone is interested in doing some “fun” detail work, please feel free to stop by the homestead. I will love you long time.
Quick work that can be done includes making hand-carts, wagons, a broken down wagon, horse-drawn plow…this can be placed anywhere and will be moved to a field, 2x2 flower beds near the beehives, a privy…not too close to water sources, and a wash area at the nearby stream. There is also a family plot cemetery that could use some fun details. Medium size project would be developing an interesting gate entrance…make this as tall as the hedges.

I can do all of these things myself but if anyone wants to help and be creative please do.

You can look at Glovs layout, at the beginning of this thread, to locate homestead 5. It is roughly at 14233, -1416



I’ll make a temp warp of h5 for you at the homestead.
For names I was thinking something simple such as _____'s Homestead
So using Emerald’s translator, something like:
Cenric’s Hámsteall

(Feel free to correct that, i’m not sure how possessives work in Old English)

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I like the simplicity of the name.

@Glov H5 is ready for an inspection. I would like to brush some trees in if someone could tell me the commands for the schemes so i can grab some from the tree farm.

H5 Appears to be done.
Any objections?
H5 Done, will be renamed Cenric’s Homestead.


Very sorry i forgot to post this but thank you to everyone who either chipped in or gave feedback for Homestead 5, now known as Cenric’s Homestead. I appreciate it!!


I left markers for the few things in the homestead that could use some small changes. For the most part looks good. The crop fields and pasture outside however need to be redone. I was thinking more a downsized version of the crops around Micah’s burh with hedges around the field. Ask someone with experience making fields for help with planning the size, shape, etc.


After having a ree-off with @kingorrik today, we’ve found some issues with Homestead 5, and as per kings request I’ll quickly point some of them out here. Few screens of the notable problems: https://imgur.com/a/jLhwK

  • The streams you have aren’t made properly, I’d suggest looking at the stream guide and just quickly removing the pools you have for the washing area and under the bridge. You shouldn’t have any sandstone sticking out by the stream banks either. Also make sure you make the water ‘flow’ a few blocks long when there’s a drop, rather than mini waterfalls.
  • The walls you have outside the village are mixed with limestone and (mossy)sandstone. I’d stick to using the small sandstone bricks like the other villages/homesteads.
  • You have natural sandstone sticking out in weird places, like by the seating area/pasture/washing space.
  • Some of the roads aren’t done and are missing the mixed in road blocks.

Obviously i’m not an overseer/project leader, but I think these are some pretty obvious flaws you need to fix @Chevy_the_cat . It seems that the homestead wasn’t really checked by an overseer properly so @kingorrik @Oriol @YouJusGotSarged one of you should probably have a quick check-up before it gets finished.

Other than that it’s a very good homestead, and I’d be happy to help you fix up these flaws, if you want chev just shoot me a PM.