Beorning Settlements [Guide]

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That they don’t. However, as Glov said, all the “Beornings” are not of Beorn’s race, skinchangers.



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Here is a really good document I found about layouts in feudal England, I’d highly recommend everyone to check it out, really useful.


This will be excellent for Rohan too, great find


If you want to do more research about the open field system, google Braunton open fields or Laxton open fields. Both villages still got their open fields preserved.


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Where did these images come from? I wish i had seen something like this before doing my homestead.


It’s from a book about the history of the cultural landscape in Sweden


Should have a traveling camp of dwarves along the road or on the outskirts of a burh or village or smthn.


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Since i’m no expert, i’ll ask whats the consensus on ridgelines? I keep seeing wood or beams used along the ridgeline, but from reference images I feel like I never see an exposed topbeam, and it wouldn’t make much sense would it? It would leave the roof open to water damage and other things. Which is why we tend to see thick thatch ridges like below.


Another thing I see a lot on the ridgeline are these wooden weights.


I most recently saw the guy from Primitive Technology use them when he was making an A frame hut to weigh down the thatch on the apex of the roof.


“It is possible that Sauron’s forces had attacked them in early T.A. 3019: when Frodo Baggins wore the One Ring upon Amon Hen, he saw the land of the Beornings aflame” (tolkien gateway)

This might be in the plan given part of Whickery’s project is a flooded mine, but I would love to see some burnt houses, chalets or farm buildings in the south near the mountains. It would make sense to me, given orcs would likely pick off single buildings far from the larger burhs, as I assume they would be soft targets.

On a different note, in reply to @Whickery_Dickens, I understand that you want a certain element of randomness to the orientation. I would argue you can still achieve this effect with around 3 less diagonals. Also, from a building perspective, detailing diagonal buildings effectively and giving them a little variety in shape, windows, balconies and the like, from my experience at least, isn’t at all easy. I would therefore suggest that diagonals work better for simple barns and out houses, while larger, more complex residences remain ‘straight’ (for instance, the inn you have planned).


Different types of ridges

Ridging a thatched roof

There is a lot of different types, using timber is one.


Our server is set 13 years before that point. I can’t imagine the goblins (who were still recovering from the losses of the Battle of the Five Armies) would strike out beyond the mountains if Sauron wasn’t commanding them to.


Also just my opinion. But for the village and burh at, and west of, the old ford, i’d scrap the designs i had and stick to something closer to Chevy’s homestead. The houses i had are too small imo and not as nice a style as Chevy’s and Eags.


Sounds good, I do really like your layout and some houses I may keep. But I do agree Eagz and Chev’s homesteads have nice styles.


I was honestly just copying the style and layout from the image on the map lol. Didn’t turn out too well imo. Can keep some details, but itd be better if it’s all consistent style and design by you guys imo.