Homestead 4

Player Name: Eaglz

Player Rank: [+] Builder

Public or Private: Private

Location Name: Homestead 2

Overhead Plan:

I’ll add more stuff in the empty areas.

bees in two separate locations?.. probably not - I’d remove the lot that are next to the house.
Any area for the livestock to roam around?
What is the pink field at the top for?
Also, I’m not sure where you’ve made your plan but it doesn’t look like the location marked for H2 on the plan at the top of this thread.


Eaglz has been learning from me on how to make plans it seems.


Honestly the bees that are next to the house might be more in-line with that of the lore, since in Beorn’s the bees were also within the hedged compound (though the hedge had a wide berth around the house there, I honestly cannot place the scale of the layout until it’s ingame). You could possibly even fit vegetable crops inside the hedge as well, considering since it’s only one family living there, you wouldn’t need extensive allotments like what you’d see in Rivendell or Bree. Just extend the borders of the hedge.

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There should also be some crop fields and a mill for export to the larger settlements, so that they have an income.

Don’t forget the hedges @eag_inc and you can’t voxel them in. :joy:

I disagree the with the farms. Homestead two is super close to he old ford and chevys homestead. Seems unwise to me to have such large grain crops. I think his income would work with vegetables, a stable, and honey.

My suggestion to you is to have farms, but no grain crops. This homestead is far too close the old ford and village 1 and chevys homestead. It seems like it’s overkill on the crops, to be honest. Use one of the concepts Ben posted and have animals and what not too. Maybe pastures for animals? My guess is the farms of the old ford will most likely be very near your homestead anyways. I would suggest using bens second picture but instead of having the bottom portion grains have it bees/pastures.

Can have fields for pasture closer to the river.


Good idea actually.

Go ahead and make a plan in wool. I will check it. I talked to Eaglz separately with what he should do and change. Pastures will be added down near the river.

Okey dokey

As far as I can see there is 1 room left empty in the main homestead and the dirt banks aren’t finished. Other than that though, good work. I’ll determine a name soon enough.


Please fix these things before going on to work on something else.

Homestead 2 has been completed, down to you @MicahVanderman to come up with a name.