Beorning Settlements [Guide]

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@Glov or @Whickery_Dickens

Do you two have something in mind for homestead 5? Or you looking for a builder to develop a concept for why there is a homestead there?



Nat: The second picture you’ve listed looks great and I’d really like to see it in the vale, although are you planning to have a small garden with veggies and stuff to supply the family with food or are you relying on the local farms and the fish from the lake?

Chev: Glov hasn’t listed a concept idea for it in the overview map, although for style i’d suggest keeping with a current ones, (that being swiss log huts) we don’t want to have a different style for each project within the vale as it would make the whole thing look unorganized and messy. If you want to apply for it I’d suggest making a post with good reference imagery that shows us exactly what you want your build to end up like - Look at nat’s post above.


Homestead 5…,it’s way to the far right edge. You were thinking homestead 1, correct?


Yes! sorry.
I would do a thatch kind of style around that area.


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Here are some potential names for the Beorning settlements (using old English):

Burh1- Beorgweard (mountain-watch)
Burh3- Otorhold (otter island)
Village1- Wuduslæd (timber-glade)
Village2- Flódenhamm (river meadow)


I like the settlement names

Are you able to provide a link if you used a translator?


Here’s the link:


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If those are ok with @Fornad
I would encourage people to use them.


The names? Sure. You’ll need to change the warp names


Doesn’t get much more beorning to me. Just some inspiration for one of the burhs.


@Glov Do the boernings eat meat? I made a smokehouse but after reading more lore, i question if they eat animals.


Beorn himself doesn’t, but nothing is said about Beornings in general, we can only draw our own conclusions. I personnally think it’s a reasonable guessing.


So what is your guess? That they do or dont?


In Burh1 you can find a lot of meat.


Most of the Beornings were woodsmen who basically rallied around Beorn’s family iirc. So I would assume they ate meat. Beornings themselves might have also hunted and killed wargs and ate their meat so idk. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Also @Natanyagrad Might be better suited for a woodsmen settlement in Mirkwood.


Well, I like the smokehouse so I will go with carnivores.