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Leader: MatthewVP

Player rank: Builder+

Private or Public: Public; open for applications

Location name: Westemnet

Lore: The plains of Rohan west of the river Entwash; borders the Fangorn forest on the north. Lands north of the Folde described as “a grey-green sea” of “endless miles of grass” containing “hidden pools and broad acres of sedge waving above wet and treacherous bogs.”


… a little while [after leaving Fangorn] he turned suddenly, and choosing a place where the banks were lower, he waded the [Entwash], and then led them away due south into a flat land, treeless and wide. The wind went like grey waves through the endless miles of grass. There was no sign of road or track…

‘He is steering a straight course now for the halls of Théoden under the slopes of the White Mountains,’ said Gandalf. ‘It will be quicker so. The ground is firmer in the Eastemnet, where the chief northward track lies, across the river, but Shadowfax knows the way through every fen and hollow.’

For many hours they rode on through the meads and riverlands. Often the grass was so high that it reached above the knees of the riders, and their steeds seemed to be swimming in a grey-green sea. They came upon many hidden pools, and broad acres of sedge waving above wet and treacherous bogs; but Shadowfax found the way … Looking out over the great plain, far away the riders saw [the sun] … sinking into the grass. Low upon the edge of sight shoulders of the mountains glinted red upon either side. …

‘There lies the Gap of Rohan,’ said Gandalf. ‘It is now almost due west of us. That way lies Isengard.’

The Two Towers , LoTR Book 3, Ch 5, The White Rider

‘Come now!’ said Éomer. 'The Heir of Elendil would be a strength indeed to the Sons of Eorl in this evil tide. There is battle even now upon the Westemnet, and I fear that it may go ill for us.

The Two Towers , LoTR Book 3, Ch 2, The Riders of Rohan

Overhead plan: Westemnet will include one town at the Entwade, three agriculturally driven villages (WEV), and three encampments (WEC) in the outer regions.

Westemnet will have an overall population of 1060 and it is roughly distributed as follows:
-1 town, with ~300 beds
-3 villages, each with ~150 beds
-3 camps, each with ~50 beds
-8 homesteads, each with ~20 beds
(not exact estimates, numbers will vary between places)

Entwade Town
-Population: ~300 (~55-60 houses)
-Industries: markets for sale of livestock
-Style: Westemnet, more stilt houses

-Population: ~150 (~25 houses)
-Industries: large pastures, space for seasonal market
-Style: Transition from Folde to Westemnet style.

-Population: ~160 (~25-30 houses)
-Industries: large pastures, rushes harvesting
-Style: Westemnet

-Population: ~140 (~20-25 houses)
-Industries: large pastures, peat cutting
-Style: Westemnet

-Population: ~20 each
-Industries: pastures, rushes harvesting, peat cutting
-Style: Westemnet

-Population: ~50 each (~7-10 tents)
-Style: Rohirric encampment style, see Eastemnet

In-game guide:


Based on Anglo Saxon longhouses. Longhouses in Westemnet, due to less available wood, have walls primarily made of mud and wattle with thatched roofs.


Stilt houses are houses raised on piles over the surface of the soil or a body of water. Stilt houses are built primarily as a protection against flooding; they also keep out vermin.


Based on Norse era longhouses, turf-houses are built with a mud brick base and a turf-roof held up by wooden support beams.


Since Westemnet and the Folde are both settled by the same group of people, the interior styles are basically identical. For interiors, refer to “/warp Foldeguide.” Interiors will vary depending on the function of the building and the profession of its inhabitants.

Terrain: The addition of levees for controlling floods where needed.

Reference Imagery




Looks good! I think we’ve discussed it, but a couple of the homesteads could be used by travelling shepherds with their flocks (and therefore might not be inhabited).

Otherwise, approved.

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Feel like most of the stilt houses should be made entirely from wood and not just copies of the normal concepts upon beams. Your concepts feel quite heavy whereas when you look at the inspiration pictures all the buildings feel quite lightweight and flimsy.


For the walls, it is implied that they are made of a wood (mostly wattle) material and are only covered with a layer of mud/clay. They are not made of solid clay. This not only protects the wall from the elements, but also further shields the inside from wind. That said, stilt houses should not be exclusively mud, some will have exposed wood/wattle and most are a combination of both.


Westemnet Village 1 (/warp WEV1) is now open to the public. In-game guide currently floating above the village, example houses are marked.
If you need feedback, feel free to ask or message me.