Westemnet Homestead 7

Player name(s) : CroDave

Player rank : Builder+, Builder

Private or Public : Private

Location name : WEH7

Lore : See Westemnet Lore: Westemnet

Overhead plan :

This homestead is on the road itself, next to the bog. It’s focus is split between haymaking and keeping cattle. Since the haymaking is only half of the work they do. One of the houses and the barn shall have thatched roofs while second house shall be the turf house with mixed thatch-earthen roof spanning to the ground
Estimated population : 20 -> 10 per house

In-game guide : Pretty much whole of Entwade

Terrain : Nothing. The bog itself is not finished so eventually the hay cutting area location may change a bit later on when landscapers do the work

Reference Imagery :


Looks pretty good Dave, I would just suggest to place the barn in such a way it can be directly accessed from the pasture fields: so a large door into one of the fields. if you do that, you can start.

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I’ll just push the barn further north and put the chicken pen next to it


WEV7 is finished


Approved, thread can be closed.