Entwade Town

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Leader: MatthewVP

Player rank: Builder+

Private or Public: Public

Location name: Entwade Town

Lore: See Westemnet

Description: Entwade Town is immediately west of the Entwade. It is intended to have been built after the road and became a gateway of trade to Rohan from areas northeast (primarily livestock). It is the largest settlement in the Westemnet with a total population of around 300.

Overhead Plan: Entwade has been divided into sections based on the intended build style/use. These will be completed in phases. The first and second phases are the stilt house and the longhouse plots and will be open to all to claim. However, the third and fourth stages will be more specific and will need individual instruction. Once the main town is finished, pastures will be built in the surrounding area. This town incorporates styles from all three of the Westemnet villages so the need for new styles is minimal.

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*credit to Guan for his help in the planning stage


Phase 1 is open for Apprentice+. Claim any of the plots marked with brown glass and make sure to check out /warp Faraholt for examples and inspiration.