Westemnet Homestead 5

Player name(s): Whickery, Olaf16

Player rank: Builder+, Builder

Private or Public: Private

Location name: Westemnet Homestead 5
Lore: See Westemnet Lore: Westemnet

Overhead plan:

This homestead is centered around breeding cattle and selling dried, bundled thatch harvested from the local riverbank. They would most likely sell thatch to Entwade being the local market town. To do this they take advantage of the river and use canoes to transfer thatch to the markets.

All houses in this homestead will have thatch roofs to reflect their business. The borders immediately surrounding the homestead will follow the hedges as seen in Faraholt (see in-game guide) all other borders will be simple fences.

The road into this homestead will connect to the main road between Faraholt and Entwade.

Estimated population: 20, split between two residential dwellings and a shared barn.

In-game guide:

Terrain: Nothing major, will have to modify some of the riverbank to include the rushes harvesting as well as the ford as indicated on the overhead plan.

Reference Imagery:



Edit: Olaf16 is co-leading this with me.

Looks good now, approved to start! Just leave the Ford for now, will get a landscaper for that.


I did your ford and road


I would remove the underground cellar in the . The area is very waterlogged and would make underground rooms pretty much impossible


This Homestead has been completed and approved.