Community Meetings



That god damn laugh


We’ll be having the February meeting on Sunday (today) at 9pm UTC.


Here’s the most recent meeting. Thanks to @Daktubalan for his wonderful rendition of ‘Yee’ from his car.


There will be a meeting today at 9pm BST.



There won’t be a meeting this weekend, as both @kingorrik and I are away.


There will be a meeting this Saturday at 9pm GMT, join us if you can.



The meeting is tomorrow evening.




Is there a recording for the meeting of last Sunday?






Our November meeting will be on Sunday at 9PM UTC.


Our December meeting will be tomorrow evening at 9PM UTC. We will be recapping 2017 and discussing plans for 2018.


As @Hearthseeker is a compelte nonce, Meeting XXIX was not recorded. Well done you fucking gaylord


So nothing of note in this last meeting?


Here’s a quick summary of last meeting:

Thank you to donors

Congrats to new builders:

Finished since last meeting-
Fangorn Treebuild

Progress since last meeting-

  • Arnor
    Not much has happened besides planning
    Trollshaws are almost done expect for a few mines

  • Dwarven Mines
    New hall opened, individual halls are open for public

  • Elven
    Forlond section 2 was completed, docks are now open, palance is underway

  • Beorning settlements
    Homestead 1 is almost done, just need interiors and fields
    Iron village is moving slowly and Whickery is asking for help from builders
    Burh 1 is nearing completion
    Village 2 has a new layout

  • Shire Revamp
    Moved onto Michel Delving

Technical Updates-

  • Small update to the server fixing mallorn leaves
  • Some pages on the website were updated
  • In the process of doing some backend fixes (combining servers to save money, and better optimizations including better backups)
  • Going to be making a wiki soon
  • Asked about moving domain names: We currently own,,, and (io is going to be used for dev stuff)

WorldPainter News-

  • Lothlorien added
  • Cardolan getting along well
  • Rohan will be started with CR update (hopefully end of Jan)

Other news/ Discussion-

  • Conquest Reforged website is now up, check it out! -
  • A big thanks to @dags for all the work he’s done these past months and years for both ArdaCraft and Conquest Reforged.
  • @YouJusGotSarged Will replace @Fornad as Admin. He will be promoted to Overseer and eventually take over when Fornad leaves.