Community Meetings

Community Meetings

From next Saturday onwards, the whole community will be having monthly meetings on TeamSpeak (and in the dining room of Bag End) to review the previous four weeks, allow anyone to bring up any concerns or questions they might have, and discuss the progress of the project in a general sense. These meetings will be designed to encourage discussion and constructive criticism, as well as allowing everyone to catch up on the events of the past month.

Each meeting will take place on the nearest Saturday to the end of the month at 10PM GMT/5PM EST - so for the next three, that’s Saturday 31st of January, 28th of February, 28th of March, and so on. Each should last for around an hour, but I won’t artificially lengthen or shorten them to conform to that duration.

In case you can’t make it, these meetings will be recorded, with links to the recordings placed below:

Meeting I (January 2015)

Meeting II (February 2015)

Meeting III (March 2015)

Meeting IV (April 2015)

Meeting V (June 2015)

Meeting VI (July 2015)

Meeting VII (September 2015)

Meeting VIII (October 2015)

Meeting IX (November 2015)

Meeting X (December 2015)

Meeting XI (January 2016)

Meeting XII (February 2016)

Meeting XIII (March 2016)

Meeting XIV (April 2016)

Meeting XV (May 2016)

Meeting XVI (June 2016)

Meeting XVII (August 2016)

Meeting XVIII (September 2016)

Meeting XIX (October 2016)

Meeting XX (December 2016)

Meeting XXI (January 2017)

Meeting XXII (February 2017)

Meeting XXIII (April 2017)

Meeting XXIV (June 2017)

Meeting XXV (July 2017)

Meeting XXVI (September 2017)

Meeting XXVII (October 2017)

Meeting XXVIII (November 2017)

Meeting XXIX (December 2017/January 2018) - not recorded due to Hearthseeker messing up the recording. Summary here.

Meeting XXX (February 2018)

Meeting XXXI (March 2018)

Meeting XXXII (April 2018)

Meeting XXXIII (June 2018)

Meeting XXXIV (September 2018)

Meeting XXXV (October 2018)

Meeting XXXVI (November 2018)

Meeting XXXVII (January 2019)

Meeting XXXVIII (March 2019)

Meeting XXXIX (April 2019)

Meeting XL (May 2019)

Meeting XLI (July 2019)

Meeting XLII (August 2019)

Meeting XLIV (November 2019)

Meeting XLV (January 2020)

Meeting XLVI (March 2020)

Meeting XLVII (June 2020)

Meeting XLVIII (July 2020)

Meeting XLIX (August 2020)

Meeting L (October 2020)

Meeting LI (March 2021)

Meeting LII (April 2021)

Meeting LIII (July 2021)

Meeting LIV (September 2021)

Meeting LV (November 2021)

Meeting LVI (February 2022)

Meeting LVII (April 2022)

Meeting LVIII (July 2022)

Meeting LIX (September 2022)

Meeting LX (November 2022)

Meeting LXI (January 2023)

Meeting LXII (April 2023)

Meeting LXIII (June 2023)

Meeting LXIV (September 2023)

Meeting LXV (November 2023)

Meeting LXVI (February 2024)

Meeting LXVII (April 2024)

I hope to see as many of you as possible there!


Next meeting should be upcoming saturday. Will Kingorrik host it?

Fornad will supposedly be back for it, it will be 9pm UTC, 10pm BST.
Was editing some stuff and pressing my talk key, sorry about the clicks in the background.


There will be a meeting on Sunday 28th August at 9pm UTC. It is hosted on teamspeak, and we usually all gather in Bag End for those of you who are new to the server. If you cant make it it is recorded, and it is suggested you listen to it at a later date.

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Reminder that the meeting is today

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^ back in June

Texturing basically works the same as it does for vanilla paintings, but post in that thread if anything’s not clear


There will be a meeting on Saturday the 24th of September at 9pm UTC.

I’ll schedule an event on the Steam group and post in the Discord announcements channel closer to the time.


Reminder that the meeting is tonight at 9pm UTC.

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My mic is really quiet, sorry bout’ that.


There is no meeting this weekend (30/10/16) as Fornad is away, so the meeting shall instead take place on the 6/11/16 at 9pm UTC. for those of you who still have a problem with time zones.


Reminder that the meeting is today at 9pm UTC. See you all there!

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Hello! Im new here. I would love to be at the meetings but i dont rly know what time it is for me i live in the netherlands so… If i could get answer on that i could help improve the server! Im currently exploring the path from bag end to erebor to give u guys some tips. If the meetings are after 5 pm for me it would kinda be impossible to be there but i still hope to help u guys alot!

They are always after 5 pm, when there is a meeting they will be announced here and on the discord.

We’re having a community meeting on New Years Day, 9pm UTC, join on our discord and server to be there!

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There’s a meeting tomorrow at 9pm UTC, join to have your input in the community!