Rohan Inspiration and Concepts


Found out a couple of useful picturesCOVER
I find this one quite useful, important to leave the top open and, if possible in minecraft, some space for cold air to get in.

This one shows some possible social classes variation, which could be useful. Interesting is that the higher class model has some kind of foundation that isolates from the ground.




Inspired by Talmberg tavern in Kingdom Come Deliverance:


Get that in the Folde right now


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Thankyou @Lawxo, very cool


Thought that I’d make a post on Ribe, which while it is in Denmark, could be a really interesting way to base the Folde off of (it was basically the centre of trade for viking, and to a larger extent northern European, culture for a while, so it would match up for what the Folde is to the rest of Rohan).

We mostly just have reconstructions but they’re still worth looking at:

This one obviously has modern additions, but the roof style is interesting to me

The almost vertical thatch gable in this pic also is a bit cool as well:
houses in construction, the daub hasn’t been applied to the timbers yet:

Interesting wooden supports, idk how we’d do it but it’s still good to note:

They’d sleep and eat on the benches lining the walls, can see the furs on them to support that in the second pic:

Seems to be a similar case in some of the more normal homes as well:

Ladders onto the top of the roof crest:




I think we should have more -tun suffixes in our villages.