Rohan Inspiration and Concepts


Thread for Rohan inspiration and concept builds, feel free to discuss and share any ideas that you have!


I liked the whole viking longhouse concept as Rohan was originally based on and around the Anglo Saxons (correct me if i’m wrong.) I quickly made a test build in a single player world and for some reason I decided to test out they Aspen and Autumn colored leaves. I think the work pretty well with this style, but that’s just my opinion of course. :stuck_out_tongue: 'Glar’

I’m new here, but figured I could throw in some input. All of these are taken from MERP - an old Skyrim project to make it LOTR that was shut down. They had some cool concept arts and structures made in Skyrim that look great.

Here’s a few of them - but take a look for yourself.



I think that Tolkien was trying to show that Rohan was a very Viking/ northern European style place and like king said, based of the Anglo-Saxon style. I think thatched yellow/ gold colored roofs and wooden walls would do quite well. And maybe a horse sort of figure - head at the top of the roof jutting out?



neat album;


Bumping this thread as we need more inspiration for Rohan!


@Benzathoth posted these in the Discord


Stop posting so much in the Gondor thread I swear to Christ



a whole bunch of shiet


Credit to @Benzathoth


Some pictures, dont really know if they are usefull but i liked them




Really nice. You should try making a few diagonal ones at different angles with vertical slabs.



Depending on how poor or wealthy they are, i do think that a lot of them should be able to afford wooden or stone floors.


Some of the houses will have wooden/stone floors yes.


Any plans of there being a wooden horse head kinda block in the future? Cause it looks like it would be very helpfull for the more imporant buildings in rohan