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Location name: Eastemnet, the plains of Rohan east of the river Entwash; contains the Wold in the north; borders the Emyn Muil on the east.


… a little while [after leaving Fangorn] he turned suddenly, and choosing a place where the banks were lower, he waded the [Entwash], and then led them away due south …

‘He is steering a straight course now for [Edoras]’ said Gandalf. ‘It will be quicker so. The ground is firmer in the Eastemnet, where the chief northward track lies, across the river, but Shadowfax knows the way through every fen and hollow.’

The Two Towers , LoTR Book 3, Ch 5, The White Rider

At the bottom they came with a strange suddenness on the grass of Rohan. It swelled like a green sea up to the very foot of the Emyn Muil. The falling stream vanished into a deep growth of cresses and water-plants, and they could hear it tinkling away in green tunnels, down long gentle slopes towards the fens of Entwash Vale far away. They seemed to have left winter clinging to the hills behind. Here the air was softer and warmer, and faintly scented, as if spring was already stirring and the sap was flowing again in herb and leaf.

The Two Towers , LoTR Book 3, Ch 2, The Riders of Rohan

All day the track of their enemies led straight on, going north-west without a break or turn. As once again the day wore to its end they came to long treeless slopes, where the land rose, swelling up towards a line of low humpbacked downs ahead. The orc-trail grew fainter as it bent north towards them, for the ground became harder and the grass shorter. Far away to the left the river Entwash wound, a silver thread in a green floor. No moving thing could be seen. Often Aragorn wondered that they saw no sign of beast or man. The dwellings of the Rohirrim were for the most part many leagues away to the South, under the wooded eaves of the White Mountains, now hidden in mist and cloud; yet the Horse-lords had formerly kept many herds and studs in the Eastemnet, this easterly region of their realm, and there the herdsmen had wandered much, living in camp and tent, even in winter-time. But now all the land was empty, and there was silence that did not seem to be the quiet of peace.

The Two Towers , LoTR Book 3, Ch 2, The Riders of Rohan

Overhead plan:

Projects: 630 heads total.

  • EEC1 (~100 heads) Completed
  • EEC2 (~100 heads) Completed
  • EEC3 (~100 heads) Completed
  • EEC4 (~100 heads)
  • EEC5 (~50 heads) Completed
  • EEC6 (~50 heads) Completed
  • EEC7 (~50 heads) Completed
  • EEC8 (~50 heads) Completed
  • EastemnetFort (~30 heads) Completed

In-game guide: /warp eastemnetguide not final https://imgur.com/a/qIRyc9p

Terrain: They are nomads so they’ll have to do with what they have.

Reference Imagery:



Accepted, provided you replace the iron furnaces with firepits.


Wouldn’t it be cool to have one of the camps just below the slopes of the east wall of roah? I think it can end up being very scenic


Please don’t use beds with purple dye and gold leafing on them in these camps. I highly doubt they’d have beds equivalent to something wealthy Gondorians would sleep in in that region. Same with the purple curtains. Other than that it seems aight, though I would maybe tone it down on the marble elements (some of the designs used look a bit too greco roman to me to fit, like the roman soldiers on the chrome frieze, and the Forlond/elven marble pattern you used that’s all white looks too obviously marble to be cloth. The other ones you used that look more noticeably painted work.

Good app overall.


Ah alright, now that I know what those squiggly lines are and your plans for that bed texture, I’ll agree with your doubts of them having beds equivalent to something wealthy Gondorians would sleep in. I’ll be sure to remove those beds and the purple curtains.

Toning it down with the decorative blocks should have been something you objected to earlier, or I might just redo all of EEC1. You’re also the first one to mention this, others have thought of it as cool and liked the uniqueness of it. I cant really do much about the textures not being cloth like enough, there is not a single cloth texture in the form of vertical slab. IMO stucco is just as bad as a cloth texture but what can I do. If you had a suggestion for a block I could substitute in I’d be very happy.


I don’t agree with the accusation that something should have been said sooner. If I got my computer back working tomorrow and found glass in every house in Rohan, I’d have a strong opinion on it and I haven’t built a house in Rohan at all. Take the criticism and be glad it was caught now and not after the project is done.

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edit: im sure you will find a lot of glass in rohan, i know I have; but that is irrelevant to this. I also dont see what your comment adds to this thread. This is not a playground, if wheelee disagrees he can say so, he doesnt need the other kids to come take his side. I’m happy for any criticism good or bad its make the project better in the long run which is just a bonus for me, this being my first project and all.

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Didnt mean for that to be taken harshly. But I’ve never been above fixing something after getting far along

Yep, considering this is the first village that will set the style for all the other projects, I think you need to get it perfect. Yes you don’t have many blocks to work with but there’s a lot to be said for simple designs; after all most of the inspiration pics of yurts you’ve put up are entirely white so why not replicate this like you’ve done with most of the concept designs? No need for any marble decoration stuff imo.

At the same time I do think that we need a dedicated block for this kind of thing because stucco does look at bit strange in places and there are going to plenty more places where tents/yurts/temporary huts are needed in the future. Can I ask if a texture based off these pics below would be possible to make quickly @wheellee ?


Ok, because of mixed opinions on this project, some thinking white is to plain, other think colours are to much. Lets put this project on hold until a concession is agreed upon, and the style has been re-approved.

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So in order to find an answer to what yurts really looked like, I decided to do some research. It turns out that it is surprisingly difficult to find information about this topic.

It turns out that the tent we are aiming for is called a “ger” in stead of “yurt”. These are essentially the same thing, both are round tents, but yurt is the modern name for these. Interestingly, the word ger, in cyrillic script гэр, means “home” in modern mongolian.

We need to understand that these gers come from a primarily nomadic society. Even today, more than half of the population of Mongolia lives in these tents. In history, almost everyone would live in these tents, including the nobility and other important people.

I can only assume that in a society where the king, or Khan, lives in a tent as well, his is more detailed and fancy than the average tent. In our Rohan however, the king lives in Edoras, not in a tent in the Eastemnet. I would therefore opt for a more austere, white, ger. I keep finding pictures of gers on big carts and I can only assume these would be the tents

The most common decoration on gers are the fancy doors and the Alkhan Khee, pictured below.
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor alkhan khee

For the fancy doors, I would use the red door we’ve got.

Check out this image for some more information of gers & yurts. 5 to 15 inhabitants, 6ft high and you need approx. 3 pack animals to haul the tent.


Great input beat, thanks for putting effort into this! I’ll redo the concepts to fit that and post an update when I do.


Thanks man. Well done.


I agree almost with everything that has been said so far, but I personally think that there should be left some more freedom from the real world examples. It’s absolutely true that having them very poor and simple would make them more realistic and more in line with the ancient Mongols, but it’s also true that we are building Middle Earth, not 12th century Mongolia. So I’d be open to some more fantasy fascination rather than simply replicating real world examples; within the limits of realism of course. I’m not sayng that we have to spamm decorative blocks everywhere, I just think it’s ok to have some more of them than what the reference imagery shows. Would make everything a lot cooler and interesting.


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor reeeeee


https://imgur.com/a/SIaHwSm Open


Late reply, but here goes

I’m quite shocked my comment caused so much backlash, when I clearly stated that I quite liked your application overall. Don’t take criticism so personally. If you read my comment, I was not referring to the stucco at all, but rather to the forlond marble style block you used, among other things. Sorry for the confusion, in any case.

With relation to the new style, it looks much better. Some more decorative blocks are fine on larger tents, it’s just that some of the ones you had used before looked too much like marble and not enough like cloth, or plaster. The main issue with using all the polychrome and Roman plaster designs is that they’re very flexible to change and are currently being redone by the dev who originally made them, so it might be best to refrain from using them extensively for the moment. I’m excited to see the direction this project goes in!

Post 1.13 we may be getting new cloth related blocks along with proper wool vertical slabs and the like, so the tent exteriors will end up having to at least be updated for that purpose eventually anyways. This can be pre-planned with placeholder blocks using the roman materials maybe and then the plaster and Roman stuff can be converted with World-Edit easily when the proper blocks are out.

EDIT: Regarding reworking projects, editing tents to be slightly less ornate in a village is, compared to some of the later reworks that occurred in projects of the past, fairly mundane. If Hearth and Dak got worked up about redoing an entire southern half of Mithlond when the project was already well underway, and didn’t redo it, it would have had a much lower standard than it does currently. I’m sure not everyone might agree with what I said, but disregarding my point or putting words in my mouth simply because it’s ‘late in a project’ (particularly when the thread itself is for an entire region), isn’t really the best response that could have been made. Hope I don’t come across as too confrontational.


Would it be possible to include a fort or two in Eastemnet?

It would only protect against minor orc raids and stuff, or for patrolling rohirrim riders to resupply a bit if needed.
Or they could simply be used as small bases of operations for local scouting parties, and small defence forces patrolling across eastemnet.