I’d have one on the east side of the Entwade to protect that crossing, but nowhere else.


Wouldn’t they just fight them / defend their territory with guerrilla tactics though? Like Eomer did in the books?


The entwade would have an important trading town, if the guerilla tactics don’t cut it they would need some outer defences for it.

I feel like this would be a good location for it. It wouldn’t be anything impressive, same scale as the fords of the Isen forts.




The camp is coming along nicely and I think the level of detail you’ve got on the gers is just right now. One point I’d like to make though is the lack of cart variation; if you’re going to put a cart next to every ger then it would be nice to have more than just one style. They are a people who are very often on the move so you’d expect them to have some pretty sophisticated carts. This one for example is nice; it has four cart models together with wooden carpets on top and clothes hangars around it.


Thank you. I agree 100%, but from what I have gathered there seems to be a cart design which is standard issue that has only 2 wheel with beams pointing out front. The carts are still a WIP I will add some detail around like a crate here and there, upside down chair and so on. I’d guess the four wheel cart would be an ideal option for the town folk, who drive on roads. I cant imagine 4 wheels being very effective at off roading and getting through mud. etc… But im not an expert on carts so I may be very wrong




EEC1 looks good overall but I just wanted to mention a few things to consider for the other camps when building / checking them.

The circle pens for horses shouldn’t have fences in the middle since this is where the person would stand with the rope. I also think this one is quite small but that’s not a big issue. Just don’t be afraid of making them bigger in future.

I also changed the design of these horse posts since the design you had was quite chunky and crappy looking. Always bear in mind that they carry everything that they have so it wouldn’t really be practical carrying around huge logs just for horse posts.

Finally, I don’t think you should use black smoke above the gers since campfire smoke is usually lighter and black would stain the tents etc.


Cool. Didn’t know that about the circle pens,The more you know. About the horse thing, I was having some issues with that rope block not connecting to anything but you seem to know your shit so I’ll leave it at that. Another good point, I’ll change the smoke blocks next time I’m on.


I have been looking for something to do. I am interested in EEC3, however I have a question I would like to get out of the way before I go ahead & submit an application.

  • Based on the OP, I noticed that all of the other camps are located near a stream other than EEC3 & EEC8. That being said, I am assuming the reason why the others were near the stream is the easy access to them. I was wondering if there is a reason why it is not near a stream? If there is no particular reason, is it okay to move it a bit further North/West to match the rest? I have marked on the picture below where I think it should go.

Edit: I have also marked in game where I think it should go with a yellow wool marker.


If you look at EEC3 in game it should be pretty close to a stream. The topographic map does not show a stream made of blue roof tiles. Same goes for EEC8.


All projects have been completed, which brings the eastemnet to a close. Happy days. If you see any derps or anything that looks wonky let me know.

Thanks to @iFxshy for doing a couple camps aswell as the crack head @Eaglz24 who did a whole camp in 50 min.

Special thanks to @Guan and @Soap887 for their amazing work on the Eastemnet Fort


I had a look around and did not notice anything weird. I have removed the warps to the camps and moved the Eastemnet warp.

Great job on this @NikeBisou. Congratulations!

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