'Landscape Detail' Inspiration and Concepts


I think it would be great if we turned this thread into a repository of truly inspiring landscapes which could be replicated on Ardacraft. Right now the map is already pretty close to amazing, but in my humble opinion it lacks the sort of ruggedness one might expect of unkempt forests and rocky ridges. Worldpainter has its limits in the sense that no overhangs or micro-landscapes can be built, or boulders in a scenic fashion. To really add flavour in a sensible way I think it would be cool to scatter unique landscapes around Middle Earth using images as reference points, and that’s exactly what this thread is for.

-The ‘landscapes’ should be fairly small, meaning the picture’s appeal is not dependent on a distant horizon with for example mountains
-Truly unique, replicable in Minecraft. So no simple forests or lakes, but rather an image that shows rocks, fallen over trees, a stream. It should have many elements to it.
-Think of a possible location (when you can come up with one)


Or just look at Fornad’s folder, though some are a bit generic

Builder Application: Pter (Apprentice)

I want to share a very interesting place I have visit. In norway it is known as Jettegrytene. It is a river that have formed all this circular holes in the mountain. I don’t know exactly the geology behind it. But it should be something we should include somewhere on the map. I went there for cliff jumping and they are pretty deep, some 5-7 meters deep and that makes it a very interesting natural phenomenon. I have also seen other holes along the coastline, but not in the same scale. It is also known that people before our time believed trolls cooked dinner in them.


Awesome! This is exactly the kind of details I was thinking of


Round two.

Natural arch in the forest.

Largest pine tree in norway.


Landscape paintings 1800s - Ivan Shishkin


the picture reminds me a lot of Rivendell and that area, the overhangs over the river look cool


took this photo in Orkney the way the rocks are twisted is pretty cool


I have access to world machine, should you need it. If you don’t know what that is, it pretty much is just an advanced terrain builder that can be changed into minecraft. It looks really realistic.


Cool that you have it. Do you have the full, $100 version?


Yes I do. The full version. However just because I have it, doesn’t mean that I am good at it. But I think that I am capable of doing anything if I put my mind to it.


Any examples of your work?


Umm… I’ll have you may have to wait, I am at school now, but I can try.



Maybe we can add clouds, fog or something similar in the form of semi-transparent blocks. This way there can be a better sense of height to mountains and in other landscapes.




There’s actually something like that planned in the map section that @Kemce will work on.


In Conquest Reforged there is a cloud block. Could this be used to achieve something like these clouds?


The valley of Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, supposedly Tolkien’s visual inspiration for Rivendell.


Ye, Fornad even been there. It looks awesome. Will be used in our worldpainter map.