'Landscape Detail' Inspiration and Concepts


Gonna make this happen in Eryn Vorn



Could be used for Rhudaur or something


I would love to see fjords in the far north. Here are pictures I took some time ago in Norway.


sout de goulox

gorgex de narvaus


Some more streams (theme: green!)



That second one is really cool for in the misties


Tannourine, Lebanon

Jiuzhaigou national park, China

Westfold Final Details

West Tatra mountains, Poland (few days back :wink: )


Did you take those?


Friend of mine. I was there with them.




amazing photos, and mountains usually look like shit in photos so they must have looked incredible


U wot


compared to how they look when you’re there


I agree with ori. I can be on a hill, overlooking the valley my town is in, blue hills leading up to the mountains. I’ll take a photo and it’ll be a blue line, a sliver, compared to the foreground.


windfall - Falling of old trees in a forest caused by a storm or strong wind. It plays an important role in the spontaneous regeneration of forest ecosystems.

A nice detail which naturally happens at exposed slopes/mountainsides. It’s an interesting detail, but I’m not sure if that wouldn’t be too much :wink: