Westfold Final Details


With most of the projects in the Westfold coming to a close and the fields getting completed soon, it is time to start thinking of ways to tie the various settlements together and add in details to flesh out the region more.

Currently I need as many builder + 's to help with getting the pastures completed as these probably account for 80% of the work that needs to be done which are quite time consuming for Ben and I to work on. The pastures that surround Helmham should serve as a good example for what these should look like with a greater tree density closer too forests and very sparse tree lines further out towards the plains. These should be pollards of oak, ash, chestnut and aspen trees.

Roads - The roads between the villages need to be worked on and improved to blend together the various path mixes. Other details along the road should be added ie. carts, traveller camps etc. to add a feeling of movement to the area.

Landscape - Hunters trails and camps in the hills, general improvements 'Landscape Detail' Inspiration and Concepts

Use this thread to post whatever ideas you have that could be added in this final phase for the Westfold


Fixing the beehives (Stanbrycg especially)

Roads - add vegetation like fireweed, dock, nettles and angelica

Shepherd huts and fields in this empty area:


Some small hunter trails in forests nearby villages would be cool to have.


Helps to read the OP


should i add a small bridge there? Near Folcmund


Stanbrycg especially


Go for it


done, picture?


Seen it in-game, looks great.


Some sunken lane / holloway pics



You can get smaller ones like this:


And big ones like this one, which is located in Belgium.

Why does Belgium get nice things, like this holloway and Eva de Roo?


Section 1: All fields are now complete, the odd detail may need to be added to the farms. The only remaining parts are a few hunter trails near Grimslade and for the beehives at Aldorstowe to be reworked.

Section 2: All fields are complete, carts and traffic between the settlements needs to be added as well as minor details in the farms

Section 3: No progress has been made here as of yet, there are a number of pastures that need to be started here. The forest nearby is a prime place to place some hunters camps and trails. A path has been planned between the main road and WFH14 as they currently have to go back on themselves to head towards the Eastfold.

Section 4: The pastures have been started but nothing else has been changed as of yet

As for things that need to be checked before we can call this done:
Road mixes, each project has used their own mix for the roads so we need to work on smoothing the transition between the mixes
Beehives: These need to be fixed in Aldorstowe and Stanbrycg
Roadside plants: bushes, weeds, small details etc. need to be added


Awesome work. Keep it up


@iNamelessi I am available if you need any work done until December 11. I have plenty of time on my hands until then. You can reach me on Discord much faster as well if you need anything specific done.


Pretty sure this is done now, the only remaining project is the tanning industry which can be separated from the rest of the WF project. If anyone is willing to complete this for me I will be eternally grateful (pretty burnt out on this region)
Thanks to Robz, Chingom and Whickery for the help they gave me in the last couple of weeks to get this done,
(Edit): This may not be as complete as I though, please go through and nit pick (to an extent) I intend for it to be fully complete in the next week


Now its done, carts were added to a few roads, vegetation added along the paths, two more charcoal burners were put in near the existing lumber camps, fields walls fixed.
The tannery will be worked on this weekend (this can go on silently to allow for the Folde to move forward)
Thanks to everyone for all the feedback I received in the last few days.


I had a look around and did not notice anything. The tannery is being worked on and will be done soon. It looks really great overall. Congratulations!