Gondor Inspiration and Concepts


I agree that there should also be elven structures(mainly in the city center) But i believe it wasnt really a trading city untill the men started inhabiting it (Numenorians and later gondorians) so more towards the coast there would be warehouses and banks build by rich human traders. Which i think could build like my concept: rich and detailed in layout like the references (Valetta Constantinople etc) but fitting somewhat the colour palette of their banner for the men that live there are proud.

Also what do you mean with decadent? That means immoral right? Do you mean decaying?


That inspiration image is pretty much perfect


Ye decaying, sorry. Taking the byzantine empire as the real world reference for gondor, it endured a thousand of years, slowly decaying after an initial wealth. This was reflected by the architecthure, which with time used more and more bricks instead of marble, even in high class buildings. Interiors used mosaics almost everywhere, which even if are more laborious to make, are made by way poorer materials than marble. That’s why I would avoid to make too many high class looking buildings. The only marble used was usually taken by older buildings and adapted to the newer, especially the capitols of the columns.


just going to drop some more neat Dol Amroth inspiration here


Fornad’s quote: We’re aiming for a more ancient/classical look to Gondor, rather than medieval.
and im pretty sure thats more medieval since i see tudor and wooden roofs.


Its what inspiration post are for not really to straight up copy the build but maybe get inspired by a cool shape of a roof or the way a balcony is done on a house. I get its might not be classical or anything but still the future project leader might still get cool ideas from a post like that.


I had a shot on another Dol Amroth concept that perhaps looks a bit more like the reference picture Fornad said is perfect. Tho i think there should also be high class looking houses like my previous concept (with more bricks and marble) i agree with Mrbanana666 that the biggest part of the city should barely have marble and the only marble used would be adapted to the newer. Thats what i was going for with the warehouse in this pic. Tell me what you guys think… should there be blue roofs almost everywhere, like in the ref image? or only barely? is it too much sandstone?


@Eaglz24 thats literally Bree concept art you fucking autist.


Might be a reference to mcme’s DA?
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It’s nice, but the thing I liked about the inspiration picture you sent was how simple some of the architecture is. I think you can have too many details on a building and so lose the overall shape. Talset333 (on the CR discord) is a master of this.


Bridge for the Roman aqueduct on Oued Guetoussia (Dougga, Tunisia)


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just to clarify i didnt get the reference. Tho im not as big of an mcLOTR nerd as you guys. (no offense) but i looked up mcme dol amroth and it doesnt look like the pic at all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECoNzSbMbuI just sayin.


Yah that’s their 4th version or something, the one Eaglz built looked a lot like Bree




that was the war harbor of Carthago. Would be great to see that harbor somewhere!


I think instead of blue roofs for DA, it might be more authentic to use blue plaster - especially for the high class houses.



Seems like you are all describing Imerovigli


painted in 1936

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