Gondor Inspiration and Concepts


Thread for Gondor inspiration, post anything on here that you think will help with the building of Gondor, be it building, farms or terrain!


If we will base Gondor of the Byzantine Empire maybe this could be relevant.

Agriculture in ancient Byzantine Empire

and this

There was actually a map that popped up in winter of last year that someone found where Tolkien had annotated various things into a drawn map of Middle-Earth. One of which was that the inspiration of Minas Tirith was Ravenna in the Roman Empire.

The map:



My Dome of The Stars


Small village in Gondor?


Maybe a tower in Minas Tirith…



I am currently reading Lord Of The Rings - The Return of the King. It is a hardback copy and has illustrations from Alan Lee painted in 1991. Here are his depictions of Minas Tirith.


Yeah I was based the tower on this ilustrations :slight_smile:


It was said in the books that the walls of minas tirith were impenetrable by the forced of mordor. Thick walks I guess.


Not just thick walls, but pretty much indestructable. They were build from the same black-ish rock as the tower of Orthanc in Isengard.



Where is that actually?


Click the image


May turn this into a little cliff/seaside street concept thingie




I went to that city. The walls are generally made of collaboration rock, which gives them the dark grey effect. Climbed the volcanoe too. :blush:




Villa Farnese