Gondor Inspiration and Concepts



Let’s get this kind of complicated, flowing, layout for Gondor, eh?


It looks a bit too square and flat to be honest. Not that we don’t want flat it’s just a large lack of materials and the Windows don’t compliment it very well. I’m sure we can do our own spin on it and make our style far nicer. Like everything above the arches looks well shite.


Maybe something like these but less pointy.


Following Glov’s pics:


Damn son, where’s that from?


A crazy asian builder xD


It’s funny because the thing I built a while ago was inspired by one of his older builds
But i’d totally rip that one off too.

That guy is literally my Minecraft idol. Imo the best builder I’ve ever seen.



Made this a while ago


Today there was a announce triler of Shadow of War and there is some scenes with Minas Ithil wich are in my opinion very good and I think that they can be a good inspiration/concept for the lore friendly Minas Ithil


That was pre-corruption though - why would it help us?


I think even if it was pre corruption you can see a layout of the Minas Ithil ( in my opinion nice layout)


Pretty sure Minas Ithil was a twin from Minas Anor, the layout wouldn’t be too different.

Tho i must say i really like this layout:





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For Anfalas we could go for a french-looking style (like in the provence cote d’azur), gradually moving towards italian architecture as you move east, to end up like byzantian/classical near pelargir


Anfalas only has like fishing villages, so that is a pretty nice example, all it needs is a way to get down to the water easily.