Gondor Inspiration and Concepts



Speaking of Mediterranean-inspired coastal villages…



Damn, what RP? Looks like some kind of modified Conquest.


I think it’s cocricot




Yes, Tolkiens idea of it was this:

Note the thick, black walls, and how far it is from the mountain, unlike the movies
OK, so I went to see Return of the King, and it seems like Osgiliath is about a 10 minute jog from Minas Tirith. But acording to the atlas of middle earth, it is 20 miles away




“The king has got a crown again!”


Looks fantastic.
But please, to you and everyone else building on the gondor freebuild, tag your builds with a simple name sign above it. Makes it easier to discuss stuff and helps to keep that freebuild section tidy.


Thanks, mine does have a sign in front of it but I will move it above the statue just for you :wink:


Some cool stuff made by these guys using conquest, really atmospheric.




Can i like that more than once?


That’s an incredible source of inspiration, thanks @Bombur8!



Larger version, same angle, diff picture.


Piacenza, Italy

Rocca Sanvitale, Fontanellato, Italy