Gondor Inspiration and Concepts


Since this server’s goal is to make realistic places, I will provide mostly real medieval building plans, pictures or reconstructions, so to begin with Gondor, I believe architecture like Mont Saint Michel would fit very well for either Dol Amroth or Cair Andros.


Mont saint michel Level 1



Mont saint michel level 2



We’re aiming for a more ancient/classical look to Gondor, rather than medieval.


More specifically Byzantine/Roman/Egyptian.










Knowing that the coastal regions of Gondor are often raided by Umbar, I think it would be cool to have a system of watchtowers, located in some strategic places and which could be both abandoned and in use. Something like this existed in the south of Italy in the early middle ages to warn the people of attacks of the saracens. I also think that the presence of the towers, especially the ruined ones, would make some areas look very cool and interesting, and would also perfecty fit the weakness and decadent state of Gondor.



Really cool roman city (click the link)

shipyards today (venice)


I would like to share some pictures i took today in Balboa park San Diego today as i think they could work for gondor inspiration quite well

A theatre facade wich was basiclly the only good looking part of the building

A little church. I know ME doesnt have relegion but i think it could also be something like a guildhall


The Castle of Sant’Aniceto in Reggio Calabria - one of the few well-preserved Byzantine fortifications in the world.


Some concepts for a middle/high class roman insula


I made a couple insulae a few months ago. i think one of them is in fbgondor






Warning: long post incoming
@Fornad @Beathaven @MrBanana @iNamelessi @TruffleHistorian
ive been looking around here and found some awesome inspirations. But for the city Dol Amroth ive always had something a little different in mind.(Tho I really agree with fornad that it should have an ancient/classical look rather than medieval.) for example not as many yellow sandy colours and more of a white roman look. Since Dol Amroth is a rich trading city. i think that it could actually have a fair amount of white/light bricks in its architecture (espacially high class) that they brought over from the white mountains because Tolkien described the people of Dol Amroth to be proud so they’d make their houses beautiful and fitting to Dol Amroths banner Which is blue with a silver swan. I always envisioned dol Amroth to have blue roofs like in this and some other paintings that are made of it. Tho the lower class would maybe have normal gray roofs or gray wooden shingles.

Also since it lies ontop of a peninsula, id say there would be alot of height differences. like in the picture, but on a larger scale. Beathaven posted a pic of valetta for inspiration, which i think is a little bit to flat tho this could also look cool. I imagined it having some very rich streets with warehouses and cafes and stuff. I know im spending to much time on this since the building of Gondor isnt really near yet. but i couldnt help myself.

Please have a look in my album to see the concept design i made, everything i made is high class, but i added some builds of other members for the middle/lower class. i hope you like it! Feedback is always appreciated.

PS the build can be found in freebuild at 1800X 540Z


I believe that the blue roof idea can be discussed. I don’t know that much about dol amroth’s lore, but if I remember correctly, it was founded by elves and was inhabited by them for some time. So the blue roof idea is not too out of place, since it would link it to mithlond and give to the city some kind of elven and fantasy look. So this makes me think it to be a good idea, but we have to avoid to turn it into the human version of mithlond. I also think that any place in gondor should show the traces of an ancient glory and wealth, mixed with the present decadent state. So what we can do is to have some older very high class buildings showing an elven inspiration (blue roof, roof outline, etc…), surrounded by the newest ones, which will be much more in line with the rest of gondor, maybe more historically based on the roman/byzantine style.
Would be nice to hear some more opinions.