Gondor Inspiration and Concepts


do you mean plaster roofs, because if not, i used plaster on my first concept as this was my initial idea. Tbh i think sandstone doesnt really look that good with blue plaster since it has kind of a cobbly texture. also, did you have DA in mind to be more yellow or more white overall?


TBH, the whole day I was at work I kept going back to the thought of the village being too modern. But, other then that, it’s ‘almost’ a mix of Mediterranean and Elvish in its style. It just seems then words, blue and plaster, made me think of this.


Painted image of thessaloniki back in the day.

Maybe something like this could look cool for DA, some blue plaster in the houses like you suggested but with brown-red AND blue rooftops.


I know Anime is sometimes shit but i really love this city :kissing_heart:


The city is ruined partly(the elder and higher culture) but there still dwelled people and build houses but they never reach the elder days



pretty famous structure but it really fits to Gondor. It was a bridge to transport water to the city.


would be neat to have an abandoned/ruined Lighthouse


Matera, south of Italy, is considered the oldest still inhabited city in the italian territory, since the first inhabitants have colonized the area about in 10000 b.C. or so. Even if during the centuries it was subjected to the greeks, the romans and to the long list of rulers of the middle ages, none of these powers has changed the urban organization of the city and its spontaneous and unorganized growth on the side of a deep canyon.


I think it’s quite clear that this city can be an incredible source of inspiraiton for Minas Tirith: the way the buildings are built one over the other climbing up the hill is just incredible. It feels natural and organic, like the buildings are part of the mountain itself. This is the result, as I said, of a society that has kept unchanged its traditions, lifestyle and building techniques during many centuries.
But what makes the city really unique is the specific structure of the houses.


As the last two pictures show, most of the houses are nothing else but caves with a walled entrace, with most of the rooms being carved inside of the mountain. (most of these now are empty, living conditions were terrible)
Here are a couple of reconstructions of what the interiors looked like when inhebited.


So i think this kind of settlement can be applied for some not so evolved populations of men we have in the southern part of our map. They can be ruined or still inhabited and should mark the presence of the pre-gondorian populations that lived in those areas before being colonized by numenorians.
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Most of the inspiration on here tends to be Mediterranean in style which seems to fit the area of Gondor south of the white mountains. I’m interested to see any ideas on Anorien - style wise, material wise. I also wonder about the transition from Rohan - surely the transition from thin, one story, thatch and wood Anglo-Saxon houses to large stone and shingle houses would be too hard to stomach?

Maybe the best option in terms of inspiration is lower France? A medieval village I found which (I think) would sort of match the latitude of Anorien was Saint-Cirq-Lapopie.




Ronda, Spain