Going Away Thread


Realised I never mentioned it openly - my Navy assessment was moved to the 9-10 of October, so I’m now in that heavy revision mode again. Won’t be on the server until after that - you can still contact me on Discord though.


Your first assignment will be a “Civilian” ship before you’re moved on to the tin can.


Uni move in week so won’t be active much, will try to make it to the build day
(Also wifi here is shit)


Exams, late nights and partys out the year so won’t be on the server much, but I’ll still accept project apps for the eastemnet on here.


Going to basic training & tech school in a week. I’ll be away for approximately 2-3 months, maybe 4 if the job I end up with changes. I should be able to get my PC back once I get my orders. Until then, later kiddos.


Hello everyone,
As you guys probably noticed I haven’t been online on the server, nor have I been active on discord and on the forum. This is due to 2 things:

  1. The most important reason is that ive been really busy and its hard for me to find time to build or even visit the server.
  2. I have lost interest in playing video games in general and although I still love LOTR and this server I have not found the motivation to come and build in a long time.

I’m sorry that I have not explained my situation sooner. In two weeks, I’ll finally be on vacation and so I should have plenty of time to spend building again if problem #2 is fixed.
I understand if my builder rank is taken away as I haven’t built in at least 3 months
Thank you.


Don’t worry, my computer lost motivation to build as well! Miss you!


Hi all, exams season came for me and since I’ve been lazy the past months, now I’m in a very shitty situation. For this reason I will be almost absent from the server for the next month or so. This means that Caras Galadhon won’t see much progress in the near future and won’t open to public till mid February at least, as Neverlegendary has his IRL stuff to deal with as well; sorry about the delay. You can always start to get confident with the style using the mallorn guide or trying to make some houses in line with the concepts you can find in freebuild. Maybe I can log in to give some advice now and then. Cheers


For the same reason I wont be as active over the next two weeks as I have been recently. See you all soon!


in the next few months i have to learn alot for my final exams. So i can only build small things


I will be away on holiday until mid-March. I might be online on Discord though sometimes.


Hey guys,

So, yeah, sorry for disappearing these past couple months (don’t even remember how long its been) without saying anything, just had a ton of IRL stuff to deal with, plus a lack of motivation to build - my own fault, burnt myself out playing too much. I should be coming back on more regularly from now on, as often as work and stuff allow.

Can’t wait to see what you guys have done in my absence!


Somehow I managed to get really busy IRL (no end in the next months). I hoped to do play at the weekends but im often to tired to do anything else but sleeping. Still I will try to come on if I can and do some stuff but dont expect much in the next weeks. I hope this will change someday!