Going Away Thread

If you’re going to be absent for a significant period of time, let the community know here!

I’m going to be away in Bulgaria between the 14th and 24th, back for a brief stint between the 25th and 27th (so I’ll be able to lead the June meeting), then away again from the 27th to the 6th of July in Snowdonia.

This is just under 3 weeks of absence in total (during which I will have very patchy/non-existent internet connection), so like last summer, I’ll need someone to take over some parts of my role (specifically, reviewing and accepting builder/project applications and generally having the final word on various matters) whilst I’m away. I’ve chosen @kingorrik for this role. He will be promoted to the rank of Admin during this time, and will have every bit of authority that I do.

Please support Orrik in this role as much as possible, and continue to do the stellar work that I know you’re all capable of. I look forward to seeing the progress made in my absence!


I’ll be gone until the fourth of july https://youtu.be/iv_gXt1cCI8 Cheerio

So I was gone longer than expected, however most electrical work is now finished so I can safely return to the world of middle earth. I humbly apologize for the delay and I hope that my return is well taken. As my brother who’s addicted to good music would say “I am back in black.”

Probably should have made this more clear a while back, but I’m working full-time at the moment (70 hours next week) and as such don’t have much time for server-related stuff. I’ll still be around on the forums/Steam/Skype though. The job finishes at the beginning of September.


So I’m kinda ticked about this but I’ll try get it fixed as soon as I can. Apparently my motherboard is failing so I’m going to rather have to replace it which I’ll do soon, or try repair it. My computer sounds kinda like a dead cat but never the less this means I can’t get on AGAIN… I apologize deeply and I’ll try get this fixed as soon as humanly possible.

As for mine 1 if it needs doing badly I’ll hand it over which I don’t want to do but I’m not going to let my absence hinder the servers progression.

I’ll keep you posted and try figure this out soon

-Harry the one that hopps.


Im not getting my hopes too high but it appears that my computer is working ok with the server. Motherboard is still faulty as hell but its looking like ill be able to come on more often

I do have my last year of school but I can at least come on after school and during some weekends.
Im actually really excited to get back into things.

“Frodo, Sam! Close the petty door and give Harry the ring. It seems he has returned to us from white shores and a far green country.”

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Looks like the skype group closed? So posting this here.

We had a hurricane roll through causing a lot of power outages recently. My desktop as well as the oculus was fried during the night by a blown transformer getting hit by a falling tree. At the moment I am confined to a laptop thats nearly 10 years old until I can save up money to buy another desktop. Until then I won’t be able to come online at all. All of the models were lost but I’m trying to recreate them on the laptop, the process is slow as the CPU is literally from the stone age. -Phe

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We’re on Discord now - there’s a join link at the top of the forums.

All of the models were lost

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Might be worth getting a harddrive to usb dock/adapter to see if you can salvage any of your data using your laptop (probably needs to be one that’s externally powered if it’s a full 3.5" drive):



I’m away on the 30th, 31st of September and the 1st October and the 2nd of October .

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Oct 9th- Dec 2nd for obvious reasons.


If you haven’t already noticed I’ve been unresponsive on discord for the last few days. I’m not going to sugar coat this I’m just going to be blunt with all of you. My HDMI port, My wifi card slot on my motherboard, just about everything motherboard related seems to be shot.

This really sucks, I’m trying to get it fixed but so far I’ve had no luck, and frankly I’m pretty ticked off right now. I can’t access discord, or minecraft, or anything on my computer that requires an Internet connection. So yea there you have it.

I’ll try check the forums every so often but my only means of communication right now is my phone and skype.

Sorry everyone but I don’t think I can fix this one. I’m going to have to buy a new motherboard and maybe a new wifi card. That is going to take time though :frowning: even if I can somehow by a miracle fix this there is no guarantee that it will stay fixed. I probably won’t check for replies for a day or two as I’m rather frustrated at my current situation, especially since I use my computer for school not just for games.

If you want to add me on skype as a means to communicate please message me and I’ll provide my skype username. Till my next post :pensive:


Won’t be here this weekend.

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Wanted to give you all an update. I’m bringing the computer down to the shop during my break to see what the extent of the damage is. Once we know what we are dealing with I’ll get the appropriate parts fixed/replaced. If you need to contact me message me and I’ll give you my Skype name.

I haven’t been active for some days, if not weeks and will be coming back in a couple of days because i’m in the middle of exams right now and after that i have my GIP so the earliest i’ll be coming back is thursday or friday.

OK I MAY HAVE A TEMP FIX FINALLY! Im going to keep working on it but it looks like I may be back soon! Praise the curvy rock!

I won’t be on very much the next couple of months because i really want to prioritize school. Although, i will come on now and then when i have the time.

Going skiing from the 10th to the 19th and after that I will have a fair amount of work to do for the next two weeks. Will try and get on as much as I can afford to though.


I’m leaving ArdaCraft, good luck everyone!