Going Away Thread

While this is pretty abrupt, I want to focus on academics/athletics for a while so I may not be as active on the server as much. However I will probably be on a good amount during vacations and such.


Going to be away from the 8th to the 23rd as I’m going to Arctic Finland for uni. Will try and get some inspiration for Lossoth while I’m there :stuck_out_tongue:


Take some pictures for us bby

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Won’t be here Friday-Sunday

I’ll also be gone this weekend, from today until Sunday afternoon.

Will be going to London for a week and the weekend of the 1st and 2nd of April i’ll be attending a convention in my hometown back in Belgium so i’ll be offline for a good week xD

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I’m going away again, this time until Friday, April 14. Feel free to work on my house in Dale in the meantime!

I won’t be around much until after the 13th of May due to exams and my dissertation deadline. @kingorrik will chair the meeting at the end of this month.

Good luck! Look forward to seeing progress when I’m back.


Same case with me; exams and coursework until 23rd May. Will still pop on from time to time

I’ll be on vacation probably without internet till Friday.

I am away (to Volendam) with the whole family from Saturday 29 April till Wednesday 3 May. That’s why I try to finish mineE this week, which is easy.

I will be very inactive until the 26th of May (I have end of year tests so I need to do revision). Hopefully by then I will have more Free time. I may not even be on until then I am afraid. Bye

I’m just letting you know that I have been inactive now for (I think) over a month. However, I wanted to let you know that I am still intending to return but I have had to take absence whilst I complete the final part of my law degree.

Before I left I started a house in Dale which I shall complete upon my return at the end of May if it has not already been finished.



I’ll have to work from my exams for about a month, so I won’t be much on the server.

@Daktubalan: Could you answer to my comment about your house and the belltower in Dale, so I could finish it before starting revisions :slight_smile: ?

Uh lol. I don’t really care what you did to it lol. If Glov likes it. You gud. @Bombur8

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OK thanks :slight_smile: .

I will be mostly away from now until the 13th of June, and entirely away from the 13th to the 26th (planning and going on a hiking trip to Iceland). If you have any questions that you would ordinarily direct to me, please contact @kingorrik.


Will probably be gone till end of june due to my exams and integrated test.

I will be gone for the next couple weeks, my family is moving and I need some time to help them with the move.

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I will be away for 8 days! Cya guys & Happy building!