Going Away Thread


Gone till the 18th, travelling to zwitserland


I’m going on vacation, be back in a month.


I am going on holiday from now untill the 7th of August, I want to apologize for my attitude and the state of my builds, when I am back I’ll have changed it ;), I shall stay online at discord and the forums tho. Barry will take over Gwaeryn, only thing left is reducing the rubble and adding some fire damage, Cya guys!!! :slight_smile:


Going to Italy for 3 weeks, might still be on a bit


I’ll be away for a week or longer from tomorrow.


I’ve been away these couple of days since my cousin and his family (from Spain) has come to visit my family and they’re staying at my house leaving little time for me to do anything onAC, he’ll leave by Thursday but till then I can’t come on for too long. (They’re visiting London and my parents are forcing me to come everywhere)


I will be gone from 1 aug till 17 or 18 aug (depends on the fact if we want to go home yet).
No chance I will be online during this period.


I will most likely be gone till Monday, August 7. I might be able to pop on for a short time here and there.


I’ll be away until next Monday (the 14th).


Extremely shoddy internet until the 18th. Will have better wifi and more time to start getting on regularly then.


I shall be away now until the 11th/ 12th of September, so good luck you tits, try not to fuck anything up.


Good luck with your sex-change! I hear the one month recovery is a bitch, and losing another leg ain’t easy


Back, unfortunately didn’t have any proper WiFi last weeks.


Heading off to college, won’t be around or available as much. Will check in from time to time, If something is wrong message me on here or on discord, I’ll get to you when I can! See you guys around!


I’m away on holiday from tomorrow till Friday/Sunday next week, can’t take my laptop so no hope of being on


Wont be online as much next week because of school and other IRL things.
going away with school for Cultural Inspiration :confused:


I’ll be away from 12th until 19th of October.


I haven’t been around much lastly. It’s because I found a job that takes me a lot of time, but I should soon have a less heavy schedule (probably next week or the one after that), so I’ll back on the server.


Absent until Thursday/Friday.


I will be absent until 13th of october, i have testweek (2 weeks) at school followed by a culture trip to sicily, ill cya guys afterwards!