Going Away Thread


Wont be on as frequently as I have been over the last few weeks due to exams (just a little bit important) so wont be able to help out as much until mid June, I will still be on from time to time when I can afford to so I guess Village 6 will be a bit stagnant unless someone wants to work on it instead.


Ill be gone from friday till tuesday due to vacation


Now that lv7 is mostly done, in the next months I will be less present due to university exams getting dramatically close and then due summer work the whole august. I’m sure I will still be able to get online to do some minor tasks amd waste some time. :sweat_smile:


Due to unforeseen circumstances, my very existence has been threatened. Brb.


Will be out June 4-11ish.


I´ll be away from 23th June to 5th August. I`m nearly away for 6 weeks. Some days i can visit the server but can rarely build something.


Going to be out if the game for the foreseeable future, as my computer was DOA when I retrieved it from storage after moving. Send me all if your F’s in PMs, no visitations.


As I’ve been off Ardacraft for ages, and never really explained why, I thought I’d let you all know (if you hadn’t guessed already) that I’ll be off the server for a while. Sorry I didn’t mention this sooner, but it’s been a tough few weeks, as I’m having some minor health problems. I may come on for a build day or something in the future, but will see how I feel as and when they happen.


I will be away from the 4th to the 17th of july. Will not be available on discord either.


My computer’s been on the way out for a little while now, and it’s finally crashed. I’ll get a new one ASAP, but I probably won’t be very active until after the 22nd anyway as I’m in a theatre show that weekend.


I will be away from the 7th to the 19th of july. Hope i can use discord for this time :no_mouth:


I won’t strictly be away, but I’ll be much less active due to family issues and other stuff. I’ll hopefully be able to come on more later in July to early August.


I will be on a short vacation from Sunday 8-7 to Friday 13-7. I will be reachable through Discord PM. You can obviously contact @Fornad as well.


I got vacation for 3 weeks. Ill be heading off to Spain. Ill stay online at the forums and discord. This will refresh me for the next year. Ill rape the misties then.
see you all soon


I will be on vacation from the 30th of july till the 20th of august to the US. If im not back before the 22th i will probs have been shot or i have fallen into the grand canyon as chev told me this can happen if one of these things would happen i probs wont return. Chev will do the final detailing ect on aldorstowe, dont think a new leader along side him is needed. Cya all in a 3 weeks (hope so)


I will be away for 15 days i think


I am now in my apprenticeship therefore i may be less online.
Maybe somethimes im off for weeks. But im still trying to do my stuff!


I will be away for a few weeks. I have to get my computer fixed, cause atm its a complete mess. Getting it to a repair shop, then possibly having to buy new components. Will see.
My guess is that it will take me 2-3 weeks


Will be back in 10 days. Then I will try to finish the village in the next week.


I will be on vacation from today untill September 1st.