Going Away Thread


Will be away in Russia from the 9th to the 14th


As I previously announced in the trollshaws update, I will be away from today till next week friday, during my 7 days away, shall the trollshaws dont see progress but I intend to finish it the week after it. But i shall stay acitve on discord and the forums!


I’ve got a few important things coming up over the next few weeks (Navy interview etc.) so I won’t be around at all until the end of the month. @YouJusGotSarged will be the temporary server leader during this time.


Starting work in another city. Therefor my presence on the server for the next 2 weeks, up to 4 weeks, is highly unlikely. I will just have to move my shit in the meantime and I will be back once I have settled.


Might be away for an indefinite amount of time. You’ve all been highly aware of my lack of playing time & even when I have attempted to do so, I have simply found no way to push it into my schedule. To make matters worse, and to dig in a bit deeper into my personal life, my parents are asking me to move out of their house. I have no car, no license, no permit, no place to go & a job that is about an hour away driving, 6 hours away on bike & about 4 hours away on bus. Furthermore, college 3 days a week does take a good sum of my time & therefore, I have come to some extreme decisions. I’ll have to sell my PC & other personal items including my laptop as well in order to buy a decent car that will get me places. This is why, I am hoping you guys understand. If this means losing my rank until maybe a future in which I can somehow reappear into the Minecraft scene, that is fine by me. I wish you all luck in your future endeavors, I apologize for the little time I was able to spend with you all & for the little productivity I brought to the server. <3


By all that is holy, please go with a Honda or Toyota when you look for lower price range used vehicles. I went with a Saturn Ion for $2600 and I have put about $1800 additional in repairs and I haven’t even come close to repairs I know are needed. If you’re going to sell half of your life away for a car, go with a Honda or Toyota. I know plenty of people who’ve had theirs since the day they bought it, some of them are 15 year old cars and only need oil changes. My friend is still driving his 97’ Civic with 260,000 miles on it. It’s worth saving up another grand if you have to in order to get one. Look for state-wide car auctions, usually on state borders, there you’ll find cars where usability is professionally rated and sold dirt cheap. You may find a 2009 for 2k there.


Got an 08 Civic with 130,000 on it. I’m looking to get at least another decade out of it.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


You can also do this with a Honda:

Seen these dudes at the car meets near me. But I have a Civic and it’s great! :wink:


Due to various academic and travel-related factors, I’ll be on a semi-hiatus for the next 3 months. I’ll probably stop by to participate in build days occasionally, and might be relatively active for a bit in late May, but otherwise don’t expect me to be on that much. I’ll leave @MicahVanderman or whoever is in charge of beorning settlements to find someone to complete burh1.


I`ll be away from the 24th march to the 31th march


Got testweek at school, i’ll be back 30th march.


Ive been away for like a month, and probably wont be back for a while because of uni and work. But yeah was fun to be back on the server over my Chrissy break. Probs be back in 3 months. Someone can finish village 1 and the coppicing trees if they wanna. <3


Will be away for the next 2 months with exams and revision. Looking forward to the progress already.


Having some issues with my pc, not sure when i’ll be back.


I’ll be away for some days so unforrunately i’ll miss the build day tomorrow. I hope to be back before the 4th of April.


I’ll be leaving on the 4th of April, where i’ll be interning for an engineering company in Dubai for around 2.5 months. I should still be able to come on now and then, but a lot less than I have recently.


I haven’t been able to do much lately because of school, and I doubt I will be able to be very active from now until mid-May. I’m sorry my project has dragged on for so long.


Will be away until Thursday


As you might have noticed already, i have not been present for the last couple of weeks, this is due to being very busy with school and other important stuff. Maybe i can find some time to get online during my may break (from 27th of april and then 2 weeks long), after that i dont know yet if i have time or not, sry.


I will be gone for a few days 22-25 April and later on 28-4 May.