Leader: Lindalher, daktubalan

Player rank: Overseer, Builder+

Private or Public: Public; open for applications

Location name: Dunland

Lore: The people of Dunland have dwelt in this hilly region for at least 5000 years; they were present when the Numenorians arrived in Middle Earth during the Second Age, and likely fostered a thriving trade with the Dwarves of Moria, providing them with agricultural goods in exchange for crafted items and more advanced technology. At some point they were driven out of the northern part of the country; there are a few possible reasons for this:

  • The Great Plague in 1636-67
  • The fall of Moria and increased threat of Orcs
  • Sauron’s assault on Eregion

Whatever the case, by the middle of the Third Age the Dunlendings had started to drift into modern-day Rohan, but were driven back into the hills when Eorl and his people settled there. Since then, they have occupied Nan Curunir and allied themselves with Saruman, due to the promise of revenge against the Rohirrim.

In terms of culture, we have settled on a very ‘Iron-Age Celtic’ look, using primarily roundhouses, with a few longhalls and hillforts.

Overhead plan:


Cultural Division

There will be five main tribes, each divided into a few individual clans (more about that later), each featuring a blend of the three main cultural styles.

Note: this doc is still a work in progress


Village concepts (Lowland Culture)

It’s a fairly easy style to get a grasp on. Plus, we’ve made templates for houses of varying sizes, which can easily be pasted in.

Concept for general landscape, mostly made of individual homesteads of 2-3 families

In-game guide: A plan for the first Plains tribe village can be seen at /warp dunlandtest. There are also guidelines for each of the three styles just northwest of /warp fbdunland. These can be copied over once the actual project begins

Terrain: Not much needs to be changed aside from earthworks around hillforts, and increasing tree density in some of the lowland forests

Plan for Completion: We will work on one tribe at a time, starting with the Plains tribe (it should be the easiest to start with, as it only uses the Lowland style). Each village, coupled with surrounding homesteads, will be its own project. Religious sites will be sub-projects.


Looks good! I would suggest taking a good look at the inspiration thread for the wildmen to come up with unique ideas for the villages. Also for those who want to lead a village. -go ahead from me!


Looking good, this will give new players more varied builds, and the server overall more activity. Have fun!


Plains Tribe


This region is divided into three clans, each with a village surrounded by many small hamlets. I’m leading Clan 1, whose village is now open at /warp DPC1. The other two can be applied for in the near future. In addition, there are 3 main religious sites in this area, at /warp DPR. Message me for details if you’d be interested in leading one.