Cae Uchel

Player Name: iNamelessi
Player Rank: Builder +
Private or Public: Public
Location name: Dunland West Clan 2, DWC2
Lore: Dunland


Main town is already laid out with the templates but are subject to sligh adjustments,
Red will be sheep pastures
Yellow will be a small strip of farmland along the stream/lake at the bottom

In-game Guide will be an example house within the confines of the mound
Terrain - Whee has already done the mound and it has been smoothed out (though is still WIP so may have minor changes made to it)

Reference images:


Layout looks good. I assume you have some specific professions in mind to include?

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Of course, most of the huts will just be for the farmers/herders that work the land around, one or two will have pigsty’s.
In terms of skilled professions:
One weaver
One small blacksmith forge
One woodworker/carver

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Excellent. You’re welcome to start then


I think all the lands and the village are now complete, feedback is much appreciated
For names I think Cae Uchel may fit, Welsh for high Field (for the pastures and farms nearby)


This village has been named Cae Uchel (High Field) and can be closed, special thanks to Nameless for leading it, and everyone that helped build it.