Arnor Inspiration and Concepts


Please post all your concepts for Arnorian buildings/ruins in this thread! Whilst Arnor’s style will be fairly uniform, I’d like to see a variety of buildings with different purposes posted - Arnor was once a thriving kingdom, and so would have buildings in its cities and towns ranging from inns to tailors to blacksmiths to carpenters.

As well as buildings having purpose, I’d like you to think about how they were ruined. For example how Ost-in-Edhil was ruined and how that would affect our building, and while you obviously don’t have to go into as much depth for each house, some thinking is required, especially when it comes to location.





Some more images of ruins


Found on the front page of Reddit.
Ruins of a Russian Castle.






A question overall, about what time is the server set, e.g 1st age,2nd age etc, etc.



Not sure exactly, but somewhere between Bilbo’s onehundredandeleventh birthday and Frodo’s set to Bree


From what I’ve seen, Arnor looks a lot like Ireland. While it does not have flash cities, it does have lots of old stone ruins from old, dead kings. These kings set up there residences in many places and some had city’s surrounding them. Some do not have surrounding cities however. They had walls and hedges surrounding the outside and is now mostly farmland for sheep and cattle. This may or may not be true in Middle Earth though.


Came across this castle :spy:

Château d’Arques-la-Bataille

Eroded gatehouse showing the walls their thickness

Sediment build-up in moat


They dug away parts of the hill


Love it, kinda what i was looking for.


It kind of reminded me of the spot you picked as well.


Some Fornost layouts:


Annúminas layouts:

Tharbad layouts:


Weather Hills?