Arnor Inspiration and Concepts


Ruin reference

Check out this vid for the extent to which they could be overgrown;


I feel like areas with more moisture would look like this.



Tiny Arnor plot is tiny.


This is really good, but id put less stone around the tree. The roots and branches would rip this thing apart a lot more than it is.



“finally abandoned in 1787.”


Well that what Ytsen post is a part of a fortification line (in Poland) very similar to the weatherhills…
There is some more photos:


Im sorry, you guys will probbably think this is a stupid question.
But is it right that these were the kingdoms of (some) of the nine king of men who became the nazgul?


No because the rings were made in the second age, arnor wasnt build yet.


the arnorian people were from numenor, which was destroyed at the end of the second age.
three of the nazgul were numenorians.


Got a quote on how three of the ringwraiths were Númenórean?


From the Akallabeth.
"Yet Sauron was ever guileful, and it is said that among those whom he ensnared with the Nine
Rings three were great lords of Númenórean race…"
Not that it’s relevant to building whatsoever.


On that note, if we’ve got this page, should we also start planning ahead for Angmar? I think they’d be somewhat similar.


McDermott’s Castle, Ireland


Turenne, France


Spissky castle, Slovakia


Dunedain settlement centered around Arnorian ruins? Frenchesque architecture might actually make sense for Dundedain in Arnor imo.


Peveril Castle, Peak District