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This thread is for all texture edits and development. Our overlay pack is designed to work on top of the base resource pack that is downloaded with the Conquest Reforged Launcher.

  • The latest version of the overlay resource pack can be downloaded here.

  • Edits to existing textures can be requested here.

  • Make sure that the edit has not already been requested by checking out this spreadsheet here.



How close are we to an update fixing the hobbit windows and grass?


Hopefully end of next week. Just wanted to let you know that to see the RP properly it is advised to turn off mipmapping. As 1.8 has this function implemented into the game, it is no longer needed. All it will do now is make some textures more blurry than usual.


I thought it would be worth sharing some of @Kemce 's WIP work on elven interior textures:

Great work!


AC Conquest 4.2

Changelog on Github.

1.8.9 Update #1

Got two bugged textures/blocks.

Pane Glass Pane Stained

Fancy Glass Pane Stained


AC Conquest 4.3

-Elven floor now has a top texture with a pattern on the side.
-Spruce Wood (realistic) assigned to melons
-Mud CTM reworked
-Wet Mud assigned to soulsand
-Interior Pillar is now Dwarven
-Podzol CTM reworked
-Mossy Dirt CTM reworked
-Dirt Leaves CTM reworked
-Peat CTM reworked
-Diorite Brick assigned to vanilla diorite block (people need to stop using the vanilla versions of things, or else you might find your build slightly different than what you intended in the next couple of RP updates)
-Painted Plank texture reworked (pulled from Conquest Reforged)
-Nettle CTM reworked (this is WIP)
-No more floating leaves on lilypads
-Blue Roof Tiles updated to match conquest
-small tweaking with dirt roots
-Mithlond Wall CTM touched up
-Elven pillar CTM touched up
-Elven Brick CTM touched up
-White Elven Brick CTM touched up (WIP)
-wave pillar CTM touched up
-new logo implemented.
-decorative elven pillar CTM touched up

For a Guide on Paintings, go to the ACPaintings Thread:


New Release- AC_Conquest-4.4
See download/changelog through this link:

Builder application: Hugofilius: REJECTED

AC Conquest 4.5



I made the family trees paintings for the Tooks and the Brandybucks, if you are interested. It’s impossible to read, but frankly I don’t think it would be possible.

I also added a frame to the hobbit country painting that was still on a green field.


Looks great! Would you be interested in doing dwarven paintings?


Well, I can give it a try! Any specific demands?

About the family trees, can I suggest to move the Brandybuck one to the rectangle above the Took one? Since they have the same size, it would seem more logical to put them same-sized plots …


Go for it!

I’ll contact you in Discord later today to discuss the dwarven stuff.


Two things, firstly does the conquest ac merge mod support bump mapping? and also would it be ok with you if I created some new textures for the armours, eg different types of clothing that can be put in leather worker shops of armouries?.


@wheellee needs to answer this


@blocks119 Any resource pack can support bump-mapping. We just need someone to make the bump-maps for every single texture (with some CTMs there’s a good 50 or so textures so good luck with that). Regarding the armors sure, if they look good and you show them to me I’m all for it.

On other news, with the merge oncoming, here is the AC overlay that you will need to put on top of the Conquest RP.

I hope all of you enjoy the merge!


I have been told to post that here, so repost from Discord ^^ :

I see that you report this kind of problems here, so I will repost my post from the texture thread here, minus the painting issues because I don’t think that has to do with the conquest merge:

I also noticed some problems came along with the merge:
The leaves on the Withywindle are back to straw carpets.
There are two strange purple marble arrowslits (I think they are arrowslits) in the gate of Erebor (just at the starts of the arch.
The pattern of the pillars the gate of Nogrod wasn’t that one before, if my memories are good. Which makes me fear for all the pillars of the same type (the ones with just vertical parallel bands).

Plus the dwarven schist doesn’t always maintains its coloration: sometimes it’s grey. But that might be intentionnal, I don’t know. I still say it just in case.
And I add to that that the “normal” paintings now have a 1x1 parchment painting with a creeper on it, which is not very Tolkien-esque. Perhaps that one might have something to do with the merge …


The leaves issue is known and will be fixed during the revamp, and the arrowslits are also known and will be fixed by hand. I think the painting issue is an overlay problem, not sure though, and I don’t see anything wrong at Nogrod, could you explain what you mean?


Weren’t all the pillars on the front Gat of Nogrod like the left one before? Because they are now all like the right one.