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No, you basically had a very outdated rp somehow.


Oh? OK, my memories are wrong then. Good!

But I don’t think my pack was outdated; I already had the two kinds of pillars, the white ivory pillars from the last update, etc.


Alright, here’s the new RP since github didn’t update (not noticeably anyways):

It just adds the vanilla paintings.


Latest Version: 1.5.2


New Release: 1.6.1
I will upload it to github for the launcher over the next 2 days.
And finally the shale is fixed!


Dags edited your post and removed your link because you should upload it to Github only, never to Mediafire.


Latest Version: 1.8


I hate to be an obnoxious whiner, but the wood texture updates have seriously screwed up beorgburh and homestead 1. Perhaps you could return the wall of spruce logs, wall of oak logs, and oak log design to their original textures and add new blocks with the new textures?


The change was out of my control, and I am sorry but I’m not going to revert it in the near (or far) future because that would end up just making more problems. You will either have to discuss it with the project leaders of those respective projects on how to move forward, or go by their judgement, and make changes as you see fit. In the future bigger changes such as these will be notified for the community in order for people to adjust their builds moving forward (and also in the future, there will be less of these reworks as blocks added will be up to standard in the first place). At the time those log blocks were added, it was a tumultuous time in the mod where monster (the person who made the log rework) was not as in control of his own property. That has since changed, and hopefully it will be better going forward.


New Overlay Update, in advance of Rohan~