Player name(s): LucPoppel

Player rank: Builder+

Private or Public: Public/Private

Location name: Wold, the northern plains of Rohan with the westemnet to the southwest and the estemnet to the south. west of the Brownlands seperated by the Anduin.

Lore: The Wold was mentioned 2 times in the Lotr in The fellowship of the Ring ; " Soon the River broadened and grew more shallow; long stony beaches lay upon the east, and there were gravel-shoals in the water, so that careful steering was needed. The Brown Lands rose into bleak wolds, over which flowed a chill air from the East. On the other side the meads had become rolling downs of withered grass amidst a land of fen and tussock." and in The two towers; " Ahead and eastward they saw the windy uplands of the Wold of Rohan that they had already glimpsed many days ago from the Great River. North-westward stalked the dark forest of Fangorn…"

In 2510 III there was the invasion of Calendardhon by Balchoth and Orcs. Where Balachoth who allied the Orcs crossed the Anduin inot the Wold and began the conquest of Calenardhon. Eorl the young and the Rohirrim put an end to this conquest.
Later in 3019 III The orcs invaded eastern Rohan and met the ents out in the Wold. " And these same foul creatures were more than surprised to meet us out on the Wold, for they had not heard of us before… And not many will remember us, for not many escaped us alive, and the River had most of those.’"

Overhead plan: https://imgur.com/a/s1WFAx6 (file to big for forums)
The plan is to have 7 Camps, 2 Homesteads and a monument of Eorl.
Camp 1 ~100 Pop (Claimed by: Lucpoppel)
Camp 2 ~55 Pop (Public)
Camp 3 ~50 Pop (Claimed by : Fruit)
Camp 4 ~100 Pop (Claimed by: Fruit)
Camp 5 ~50 Pop (Public) - Camp 5 will be packing up/moving toward one of the homestead.
Camp 6 ~50 Pop (Claimed by: Ixert)

Camp 7 ~100 Pop (Lucpoppel)

Total Pop = ~500
Note : Pm me if u are planning out or want to apply for one of these camps so i can make sure 2 people arent accidently making plans for the same camp.
There will be 2 homesteads with 0 Pop. these homestead will each have about 2/3 longhalls in a unique grass hipped roof style seen below

I will keep these 2 Homesteads private as they require little effort to build and i dont see the need for people to help out with these simple homesteads that will be emtpy interior wise and mostly overgrown seeing they would only be inhabited during winter times.
Monument of Eorl
the Monument will be private as well as this will likely be nothing more then a grave mound of Eorl.

In-game guide: No detailled in game guide needed as the camp styles have already been well esteblished during work on the eastemnet and the westemnet camps. as the homesteads with the grass roof hipped houses will be kept private there is no need for a guide there.

Terrain: No Big terrain changes will have to be made

Reference Imagery:
2542493-Viking-Sod-Houses-0 unnamed
Old grass roofed houses
3702 Yurt_Inside

camp images seen earlier in the Eastemnet and the Westemnet


Looks good to me! Waiting for overseer #2.

Overseer #2 approves, go ahead

Quick note: if u are doing a camp there a templates available for the tents called rht1-3

Example : //schem load rht1
In this 1 the smallest tent and 3 the biggest.

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Something to keep in mind when you guys are doing your tents and interiors, and since I think it’s especially relevant to more of the nomadic Wold-sphere of building.

On the tents themselves:
“High-status Anglo-Saxons made extensive use of tents, called geteld in English and tentorium or papilio in Latin. Bede distinguishes between the large, substantial tentorium and the lightweight papilio. King Aldfrith of Northumbria stayed with his thegns in a tentorium while attending a church council circa 703; three centuries later, Provost Aldred of Chester-le-Street was writing in his bishop’s geteld on the Dorset downs. Three tenth-century wills contain bequests of geteld —including the red geteld of the rich noblewoman Wynflaed, who evidently travelled in style. Some of these structures sound roomy, perhaps indeed comfortable. We cannot know whether the leather or fabric covering of a tentorium was supported just on tent poles, or on some kind of framework, but it was clearly heavier than a papilio. There are also hints (though not very clear ones) that the Anglo-Saxons may have understood the ‘tabernacles’ of the Old Testament Israelites as moveable dwellings more substantial than tents, and that this may have resonated with their own practices.” ‘Building Anglo-Saxon England’, John Blair.

Regarding the interior of the tents:
“The interior of a traditional yurt of the Hungarian Kipchaks. Ephemeral Anglo-Saxon structures, leaving little or no archaeological trace, could similarly have been lined with warm, costly, and highly decorative textiles, making them as comfortable as this dwelling.

related pic

Point is to look into some of those tent designs and possibly expand on that a bit. And richly decorate the interiors of the tents and stuff if you can, using colourful tapestry/cloths, textiles etc to replicate the yurt in the above terms. I think letting go of the idea of ‘tents’ in their usual sense as make-shift and unhomely is important. As the quote points out, try to see them (in the context of the Wold) more as moving cloth-houses, being just as warm and richly decorated as say, Edoras houses.

At the moment the tents are a little plain, too much white on the exterior and interior, with no use of tapestry/textiles inside, and the decoration mostly being a few beds and wooden stools and such. Also if you may find it a little tricky maneuvering hung textiles and tapestries on the walls and stuff, try playing around with the shape of the tents. Searching up “anglo saxon tentorium tent” on google images will host quite a lot of different shapes and sizes you can play around with! Some likely being easier to work with than other, more round shapes. But totally feel free to add variety, don’t feel like you need to solely stick to certain tent shapes. PM me if you’d like some help coming up with some designs.

Just thought I’d mention :slightly_smiling_face:



Good call, ill see if i can come up with something to make some look richer and less plain. In this case mostly the leaders tents could use a overhaul.

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Right tried to implament it into the leaders tent.


Conserning a ingame sugestion/discussion there will be 2 new tent concepts made soon. PM about this if u are planning one of the non claimed camps. ill throw up the new tent conepts asap and give information about how they should be implemented into a camp. these changes are currently only for Wold.


Thanks to Eagz who made these last nigth. evening i suppose for him we now have these new concept tents. these examples most now be placed at every camp and also included in the plan of the camp.


Well looks like we already have a volunteer to add these new designs to the completed camps in the two Emnets as well. Good work Pop

Well give eagz the credits he deserves.

So now that we’re almost finished with the nomadic parts of Rohan, with 14 round-tent camps built, we’re suddenly going to completely change the style? And like Banana said, would you replace all those existing camps? Tolkien based the parts of Rohan we see directly on the Anglo-Saxons, but I think there’s surely some room for artistic liberty

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Im no expert on the matter i read into what was suggested by eagz and now whee with the complete change over to anglo saxon styles. I think u make a fair point as it would bassicly make the work of the eastemmet for nothing and 14 is indeed a high number but camps on the new system could be done within an 2 hours by a person seeing the plans are already there. And on the anglo saxon part. Eagz tent concept was a good call imo and i wasnt expecting this complete change over too and at the end it was a flaw in the done research maybe prior to starting the wold or even before it. To me its either a complete change over to switch to the anglo saxon tents or stick to the old ways we had with circular tents. Cause the mixture of the two wouldnt make much sense in my eyes and also looks a bjt meh.

After a discussion on discord it has been decided all rohan camps will be switched to the new anglo saxon tent style. Information about how this revamp will go is to follow later. Tent style that we had till now will be saved for rhun.


Yeah seeing the fact that a camp can be done very quickly, and that we have a lack of public projects atm, the Wold project will be extended to a revamp of the existing camps completed in the two Emnets. This means replacing the existing tents with templates of the new ones which just need texture and interior detailing.
Once the Wold project will be done Pop will update this post with the plans for the revamps, which could be treated as pubblic projects as they are now.


Wold will work differently from now on so no more individual camps to apply for. all camps have been (re)planned and are mostly ready for interior work to then later serve as templates for the eastemnet. on discord ill announce what camp tents can be worked on interior and some exterios wise.


All wold camps apart from 5 have tents to work on mainly 3 6 and 7 have tents left to do.

Welp this took longer then it could have.

The Wold is now done!
7 camps with a population of 479
2 homestand with 0 population
and this horse on a hill

Thanks to anyone who helped with camps and tents.
guess im moving on to more camp revamps… yay


Checked and approved. Good job on the camps, they look infinitely better.

Thanks for your work.