Thorin's Halls

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Yep, it’s fixed, thanks


Rub left so idk


Poor guy


@Ytsen is now co-leader


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Poor guy


Thorin’s Halls isnt an open project yet. however the tombs are open to help whit. plz pm me on discord if you are intrested in doing something for the tombs. i will give you a job then. (of course asking me when in online in the server is also an option)


I think step 2 should be split in 2, new step 2) do all hall pillars and arches and whatnot and a new step 3) do exteriors of houses then everything else the same


Good news everyone, Thorin’s Halls is now officially open to the public. The first hall we’ll be doing is the metalworker’s hall, a marvelous place filled with smithies of all sorts. Thorin’s Halls will have a hall-to-hall workflow where only one hall is open at a time, so if you want to chime in, make sure you claim a house before they’re all gone. Apti and I hope to see you online!


/warp Thorin’s Halls


Please review my home when you get a chance. it has been finished for nearly 3 weeks and i would like to finalize it to get it off my plate.

thank you!


A question. Where do the numerous spiked pigs in the dining halls come from?


Hunting. They’re boars


Ah yea, ty


We will be editing all houses whilst you lot will do the next hall so dw about it


Project Update: opened up a hall in the eastern bit of TH with most houses finished (I think there’s one left). A brewery has been completed as well and we will do an example and open up another hall soon. During that time we will improve the current houses as yts and I are a little annoyed at the quality.


It’s been less than a month since Thorin’s Halls was first opened to the public, and the first hall is very close to being done. It features 11 houses, a bathouse and a brewery, and many market stalls, as well as a public washing area. Please check out the brewery made by @Snowy30 and @Chevy_the_cat, which is nothing short of amazing. Many thanks to the builders who have helped out with it! Apti and I will finish two of the houses and the bathhouse while all of you can work on the new section: Peasant Row.

Peasant Row is a poor area of around 15 smaller and less opulent houses than the Metalworker’s Hall. Want to make a rat catcher’s house or a gong farmer’s house and cesspit? Or a lodging for multiple miners? /warp Thorin’s Halls and get started.


Finally somewhere @kingorrik can relate to… I bet he can’t wait to start building in it!


Finally he can build a literal shithole


Also shout out to @Led for his ceiling detail work in the main brewery hall.