Thorin's Halls

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Yes hello. Step one is not done, nor approved, and you have already started detailing the first hall. Wait until the overseers have given the ‘official’ OK. Even though all halls their purposes are currently marked, I think that the plan is still too rough on the edges. I’d like you guys to add wool to mark where pillars are going, and also how tall the arches are going to be. Try to be innovative, not lazy! Don’t go for the predictable grid-like arches like these (especially in the first hall which is meant to really impress people), but go for less conventional designs like this one Guan did in Bizar.

Same thing goes for stairs and hallways and how they turn. This stair, in addition to not aligning correctly when converted to actual stair blocks a bit further up, is a bit boring. You could make it more interesting overall by curving them in a fashion similar to this design style (though upscaled)

Also, think of how carts get down to the first courtyard, the stairs there are currently too steep and the turns are too sharp.


thanks for your feedback, I shall mark the pillars, for the first hall we want to give a good impression as you said but those arches cant be higher due to the library is one block above it… I already noticed the way how stairs go, we want to keep them simple cuz they use the elevators far more, I will also change the steepness of the stairs cuz yes idk why we made them like this.


You can add a small hallway to the left before you enter the hall which slopes down more gradually


ye would be cool


For the houses, it could be cool to shape the higher class ones after roman villas, with their own courtyard. Something liek this


Ye thats pretty cool for the mansions and upper class houses (atrium it is called)


After Ytsen’s post, I realised step 1 is definitely not done, it is actually at approximately 20%.
so I shall tell you here what needs finishing:

  • add tombs
  • make a layout for every hall of wool so pillars,arches,ceilings,floors etc…
  • add a street part cuz rn we have only some professions streets.

if anyone notices something that is not correct or what is missing please let Kizaura or me know!!!


I thought the point of the main/entrance hall was to have all of the professions there. At least most of them. Along with the market.


Yes but that hall is too small for all the professions, thats why we also need streets


The amount of most are more than one


Hi everyone :slight_smile: , I’ll give a quick update of what I did these weeks, I shall keep it short this time, the only thing that needs done are layout of halls, I will make it clear with this ‘‘spreadsheet’’.
and i have vacation now so ill be a lot on :relaxed:


the campsite I made for the coal mine and lumbercamp. :slight_smile:


After some consultation with the Overseer team, I’ve decided to replace @creepyboy666 and @Kizaura as leaders of Thorin’s Halls with @RubenPieterMark and @Aptipild. Everyone involved understands the reasoning behind this decision, so I won’t post it publicly - however if you want to know why feel free to contact me privately.


Good luck with Thorin’s Halls, apt and Pieter, if You guys ever need help, call me :wink::stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks creepy,I’ll make sure to, please don’t get upset/demotivated by this, hopefully it’s for the best


Unfortunately I broke my thumb so I am a little unable to build but I’ll try my best to do something.


Project update: I’m continuing with stage one as fast as possible but only a bathhouse ,a housing hall, a kitchen and some other hall remain in on the eastern side and on the western side remain the masons guild, a bathhouse, 2 feast halls, 2kitchens, that round social hall,tombs, mining guild anothe bathhouse, the barracks/armoury and also overall many corridors need to have pillars and arches planned.


No updates , Ruben is away and I am busy (read going away thread)


For some reason I cannot edit the main project post, any idea why? (@dags)


I think after a certain number of days you aren’t allowed to edit posts.


Might be fixed, try now