The Big Update


Well, I do /delwarp TolMorwen, for example, and it says it’s deleted, but when I then /warp TolMorwen it still works.


K, so builder didn’t have permission to use the command which has been added

Can confirm there is not a ‘TolMorwen’ warp in the warp save file, but there is ‘Tol Morwen’ (ie with a space)


Teleporting to homes is also a bit wonky.When you create a home with /sethome [homename] and try to teleport to it, it says “Home location is no longer valid”.

For Fresh it said no such home existed.


I’ve noticed this in a few areas in the Shire. Any idea why this might have happened?


Probably built out of invalid metadata blocks and missed by you guys during the metadata cleanup


Any potential quick fix, given that we don’t have async WE anymore?

I guess we could retexture acacia bottom/top to be the same as the bark - not sure if we use that texture anywhere. Can anyone confirm/deny this?


If it’s not that many areas that have this problem, then it would be best just to change each tree with a small world edit selection.

I haven’t seen this problem anywhere else, (please say where the few areas you’re talking about) so changing an entire texture seems a bit much to me.


Do we know what’s causing the issue with the carpets?


Overseer rank has lost the ability to kick, could we please get this back if possible?


Both overseer and admin lost the ability to promote/demote as well.


You most likely are using the wrong command /promote 'player' does not work. You need to do /promote 'player' 'rank'


We used that, it still says command not recognized.


It worked for me. I used /promote Swyur builder


DIdn’t work for me when i used it the other day, will check later.


Aight so the other day I found a glitch regarding half water in WE…I’m not sure if it’s just me doing it wrong or whatever, but whenever i try to insert it WITH /np turned on it always ends up having random flow problems etc. Is there something I’m missing or is it just a mistake with no physics itself?


If you’re using world edit, you’ll need to use //fast command before using any world edit commands.


Overseers can’t promote builders to builderplus. “You do not have the required group level to promote VVinter to group builderplus”. Example: “/promote VVinter builderplus” doesn’t work.I can promote him to Overseer, but not to builderplus


Had the impression builderplus was handpicked by Fornad/Fresh only. Could easily be changed if not


Builder+ is for people who basically have lead and completed a project. It’s done so that people will have to show some dedication to the server before gaining tools like WE and Voxel (tho voxel is gone obviously).


It was for temporary use. Asked Fornad in advance if I could give VVinter plus for a bit so we could paste in some trees in around Elostirion. He said it was okay to promote him just for a short while. When it turned out I did not have permission, Fornad told me to post here to get it fixed. So yeah, it’s true that permanent awarding of plus is done by Fornad/Fresh, and like Guan says it’s for people who have completed a project and so forth, it would be nice to be able to briefly give people access to WE.