Player name(s): Beathaven

Player rank: Builder+

Private or Public: Public, closed for now

Location name: Westfold Village 3

Lore: For lore I will refer to this thread.

Overhead plan:

Village will be divided in 3 regions and worked region by region.
There are roughly 40 houses in this villages. I will give each house ~7 inhabitants which means the total population will be around 280.

In-game guide:

I will stick to the style previously set for this project.

Reference Imagery:







This project is now open!

Section 1 is open to builders. Be sure to follow the building guide and any additional instruction provided on the planning blocks.

Additionally, the name has been changed to Stipel. To get to the village; ./warp Stipel.


In the stipel guide there are windows in the roof, we had a disscusion about it in mearhdenu and decicded to ban them because they dont have a purpose other than letting out heat. Also i dont think any anglo saxon house with a thatch roof would have a window like that in its roof. You cant actually reach the window from the inside without a ladder which seems inconvinient.


That is a fair point. However, I used these windows in Stanbrycg when there was a second floor, either for storage or sleeping. I will add this to the building guide.

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Section 2 is now open!

The village has seen tremendous growth this week and in order to keep this momentum, I decided to open section two.
It features some fancy professions around the main square. First come. first claim.

Do not build the brewery yet as I am unsure what I will do with this building.


Section 3 is now open!

After some amazing progress I am now opening the last section. There are now only two houses left in section 1 and 2, as well as a couple of unfinished ones. I changed the brewery to a rich carpenter with a large workshop. After section 3, only detailing and the fort remain. Great progress!


Wanted to point out something that was posted on the mearhdenu app that may apply to stipel as well.


The majority of Stipel’s inhabitants are farmers. There are a couple of houses who sell baskets or hunt along side their farming duties.
The few houses that do have a profession are both because Stipel is a bigger town than Mearhdenu and due to the leather industry present in the town.



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As mentioned in the meeting, all houses are either finished or work in progress right now. Now the focus lies on detailing the village. I marked a lot of locations with green screen blocks where I feel some details are needed. These locations do not need much, a couple of crates, a bush or a cart will make the town feel that much more alive. There are also some wells or shitters remaining. If you have some spare time, please build a couple here and there. It really helps out.
If you want to help out with some of the small stuff I put on my to-do list floating above the mail hall, please send me a pm.

Thanks for the progress so far, it has really been amazing!


Should really get people to do the details outside/surrounding their houses when they’re building them, instead of doing it after it’s all finished. Did this mistake in Burneburg and it’s a massive pain in the ass to have to do.

Just a tip for people leading larger villages.


Most people did add them because I put them in the description, but there are still some empty spots I want to be filled.

Stipel is now officially done! Thanks for all the help guys!