Player name: Beathaven

Player rank: Builder+

Private or Public: Public

Location name: Westfold Village 7

Lore: For lore I will refer to this thread.

Overhead plan:

Reference Imagery: Following this image, which outlines styles for the Westfold, this village will largely follow the same styles as Westfold Village 6.

Houses built in the floodplain of the river will follow this, stilted, concept:


What do you mean by ‘crops and pastures’ in those small fields behind the houses?

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Not sure pastures is the right word, but I meant allotments and areas for chickens etc, similar to these found in Village 6.

Needs more 3 wide arches and grids




Updated the Original Post

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What i would like to see for the allotments is that you use drystone and more curved enclosures. the gridlike patterns and bricklike walls you might be going for feel out of place. Other than that, I think the layout looks fine. I’m not sure if I would add a lordly hall in this village, and particularly one this close to the river in the low-lying area. Could make it into a shared barn of sorts.


Provided Ytsen’s concerns are met, accepted.


Update: Village has been copied over from freebuild and the layout has been updated. A meadery, located behind the feasthall has been added, as well as a small inn. Some layouts of houses and allotments have been changed, both due to Ytsen’s comments as well as a nessecity to increase the size of the houses.

Furthermore, the name of the village has been changed to Stanbrycg, because of the stone bridge crossing the river.

Lastly, the buildings marked in red wool are now open! These are the farming-oriented buildings, with pigs, chickens, allotments etc. outside. The population of the red buildings adds up to 64 peasants. Considering this is roughly half of the village, the total population would be around 120. I kindly ask you to check out the building guide floating above Stanbrycg and to follow it.

Happy building!


How to pronounce pls

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Update: Construction is Stanbrycg has been going well and all the houses marked in red have been claimed. The profession-based houses marked in blue are therefore now open. Be sure to put them on stils if necessary. If you are unsure, ask me. Also, if you want to work on the mill, contact me for the system I have in mind to power the mill.

Happy building!


After @Fornad checked it and some last changes were made to the village Stanbrycg is now officially done!
I’d like to thank all those that helped. On to the rest of Rohan!

>accepting your own project